Super Painter (Evercade): COMPLETED!

Super Painter (Evercade): COMPLETED!

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Well this is a lovely wee game. it’s a simple premise – run round the platforms avoiding baddies and touching all the uncoloured wall and floor tiles to paint them. It has a very 1980s arcade type game feel, and everything is all tiny and cute.

It’s on the Mega Cat Evercade cartridge, which I understand to contain new games for old consoles, and this is presumably a NES title? It’s pretty good, anyway, and my only complaint is that it’d be nice if you auto-centred when climbing the ladders – as it is, you can climb up the left or right of the ladders, causing you to snag on the wall tiles. I think if it worked like Chuckie Egg, it’d be a bit better.

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