Bezier (Switch): COMPLETED!

Bezier (Switch): COMPLETED!

Bezier is what would happen if Geometry Wars and Deus Ex Machina had a baby. All the neon eye cocaine of the former, with the disembodied narration and storytelling of the latter. And both bits are great.

The gameplay is pure arcade. A twin-stick shooter with Gradius-like powerups, Blasteroids-like “bosses”, and a lot of dodging and weaving and sometimes running away. It looks, and sounds, incredible, and there’s some meaty feedback when big things explode.

Like Out Run, there’s a pyramid of stages and a choice of “route” to take at the end of each. Different enemies and types of special shielded foes are located in these, and some seem to provider better opportunity for higher scores – via longer chains of blowing stuff up – than others. I’ve completed the game in that I’ve taken every route through it and beaten the boss on each one, albeit the same boss.

So it’s short, but a lot of fun. I managed to reach the heady heights of 25th on the world rankings – which put me at the bottom of the first page – but I didn’t stay there long, sadly. There’s daily challenge with rankings, and an endless endurance mode too, so there’s still plenty of reason to play.

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