Overcooked 2 (PS5): COMPLETED!

Overcooked 2 (PS5): COMPLETED!

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Although I enjoyed the original Overcooked, it was much too hard. Sure, I could get one star on each level, but that wasn’t enough to progress. With the “All You Can Eat” pack a free rental on PS+, my daughter and I gave the sequel a go and it’s much, much easier. To the point where we got 3 stars on most levels first time.

The main change seems to be that you have much more time to complete dishes. Previously it was all too easy to get a meal almost ready before the customer complained (which also wasted the meal, in most cases), but I don’t recall there even being a time limit in Overcooked 2. That does sort of remove any challenge from the game, but then, that made it more enjoyable for us and we managed to reach the end without ever having to return to earlier levels to try and scrape an extra star or two to unlock the next level.

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