Millie and Molly (Switch): COMPLETED!

Millie and Molly (Switch): COMPLETED!

This is a simple little platform puzzle game with 100 levels. It’s similar to Fire ‘N Ice, Solomon’s Key, and Catrap in terms of gameplay, although in this game you can’t step up blocks and you can’t jump. Also, many of the levels let you use two characters (Millie and Molly, of course) with one frozen, so can be used as a “block”, while you control the other.

The aim is to defeat all the enemies (simply by touching them) on each single screen level, with some of them floating in the air and others “dropping” when you kick away blocks underneath them. The puzzle element is how you accomplish this, as you need to decide the order in which to touch them as once they’re gone you can’t stand on them, and when to kick kickable blocks or dig dig-able blocks. Some of the levels are very clever in that you think you’ve done it, only you realise at the end you made a mistake right at the start! Thankfully, there are infinite lives and infinite rewind to save on the frustration normally associated with these games.

Although the developer suggested the game is hard, I only struggled on three or four levels, with level 99 being hair-tearingly difficult. That’s not to say I found it easy, but it certainly wasn’t as difficult as I was expecting. I did, however, very much enjoy it and hope there’s either a sequel or some extra levels as DLC in the works.

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