Bit Orchard: Animal Valley (Switch): COMPLETED!

Bit Orchard: Animal Valley (Switch): COMPLETED!

In case you were thinking this was like a Game Boy version of Stardew Valley, then you’re right. It is. Only very, very cut down. Well, maybe cut down is wrong. Streamlined? Slimmed down?

As in that game, you inherit a run-down farm (an orchard, in this case – albeit one with only one tree), meet people, grow crops (well, just apples), do a bit of fishing, complete some quests, chat to a ghost, and so on. Only instead of taking you over a hundred hours as it does in Stardew Valley, it takes maybe three or four. There’s a lot less to see and do, but sometimes, that’s OK.

Bit Orchard is a bit buggy, fiddly to control (and to lay out your trees, although that’s being fixed in an update I believe) and, of course, short, but it’s also cozy and cute and well worth the low price of entry. Which was a pound at the time of purchase.

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