Aperture Desk Job (Steam Deck): COMPLETED!

Aperture Desk Job (Steam Deck): COMPLETED!

Yes, I have a Steam Deck. And you know what? It’s actually great. I was sure it’d be horrible and clunky and just a bit wrong, but actually, it isn’t. Well, OK, it is still a bit clunky.

To show off the ten trillion different sticks, buttons, pads, flaps, twiddles, surfaces and touchybits that the Steam Deck packs to ensure there’s a workable control method for just about every game you can throw at it, Valve created a free game in the Portal universe. Aperture Desk Job puts you in the shoes of a new worker at Aperture Science, testing a never ending supply of toilets for their ability to flush and accept a bottom.

Quickly this turns into something else entirely with turrettoilets and a slightly unhinged robot (in a Portal game? Never!) and a thinly disguised tutorial on how to use all those ten trillion inputs I just mentioned. Some point the guns. Some point the toilet. Some fire rockets.

Toileturret or Turretoilet?

It’s very short and not going to win any GOTY awards, but in Portal fashion it’s funny and a bit silly and is certainly great as a freebie. And! Lots of toilets!

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