Moving Out (PS5): COMPLETED!

Moving Out (PS5): COMPLETED!

This is one of those intentionally obstructive co-op arcade games like Overcooked, and it has a similar art style and sense of humour to that game too. But, it’s a lot easier and I (well, we – daughter was on controller 2) had more fun with it.

The aim is to clear a house of (mostly) furniture, by carrying it to the waiting lorry and packing it all in so it fits. Smaller items, like toasters and boxes, can be carried (and thrown) by a single player, but others (like sofas and fridges) require two people to carry as they’re so big or heavy, and these are impossible to move without both players turning into Paul and Barry Chuckle with full on to me, to you-ing.

Things are made trickier when you have buttons that open or close doors, you can’t get a L-shaped desk down a corridor, or actual ghosts are haunting the house you’re clearing. Then, just as the game has got as silly as you can think, of course you jet off into space because story-based-spoilers.

There are a lot of these sorts of games, but this is one of the good ones. And, it was “free” on PS+, so why not, eh?

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