Pony Island (Steam Deck): COMPLETED!

Pony Island (Steam Deck): COMPLETED!

I aborted an attempt to play Pony Island on my Mac a few years ago, as you have to press the left and right mouse buttons at the same time at some point, and with a Mac mouse you can’t do that. I had a PC mouse I could have plugged in instead, but I also had eleventybillion other games that didn’t require that sort of effort, so it got shelved.

Until now!

Sure, the Steam Deck actually has no mouse buttons, but it does have a frankly overwhelming array of other inputs and a very good control remapper, so I very easily found something that worked for me and was able to restart – and complete – Pony Island.

It begins like a retro auto-runner where your horse jumps over things. Think of the Chrome Broken Internet Dinosaur Game and you’re there. But, it soon becomes apparent that this game is possessed by Satan himself, and it soon becomes something a bit different, including some programming sections, boss fights, and it actually literally crashing intentionally.

I found it a bit repetitive and although it’s short, it could have done with being a bit shorter. Even with all the “extras” Satan throws at you, it’s still mostly a not particularly interesting auto-runner, but the stuff around it kept me playing to the end.

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