Pile Up! Box by Box (PS5): COMPLETED!

Pile Up! Box by Box (PS5): COMPLETED!

No, I have no idea why I downloaded this, but then I discovered it was multiplayer co-op so played through it with my family.

It’s a cute, relatively simple, platform puzzle game. Most of the puzzles relate to the height or distance you can jump, and manoeuvring or stacking objects (or your co-op partners) to reach buttons and switches and so on. There are springy things and floaty things, fans, fences you can burn, other characters you need to help, and a number of themed worlds to find items in.

I’m sure there are a hundred games not unlike this, and it reminded me a bit of the mechanics in games like Disney Universe or maybe even Skylanders, albeit in a more cubic and simple form, but it was fun in co-op. I suspect it’d be annoying in single player as there’s a lot more to-and-fro without any helpers, but we enjoyed it.

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