Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes (Switch)

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes (Switch)

Completed again. After finishing it with Edelgard’s Empire and being baffled by the logic of her decisions, I decided to New Game+ it and play through as Hufflepuff (or Faerghus Kingdom or whatever Dimitri’s blue lot are called). New Game+ carries over all your character levels, weapons, base facility unlocks and so on, so any characters that overlap between Red and Blue, plus Shez, were all incredibly overpowered to start with.

Well, not quite to start with, as for the first couple of missions you’re set to Level 1 again, but after that, indestructible. Which obviously meant the entire game was very easy. Not least because I already had super-powerful weapons and nothing to spend money on bar more level upgrades.

The plot for Dimitri made a lot more sense. Edelgard was under the control of Those Who Slither In The Dark and so most of it wasn’t her fault. I also managed to recruit Byleth and Jeralt this time through, meaning I got a few more chapters, a bizarre other-worldly mission, and a totally different ending.

So, at 75 hours in, time for New Game++ and Claude’s yellow lads.

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