Squiggle Drop (iPad): COMPLETED!

Squiggle Drop (iPad): COMPLETED!

Squiggle Drop is a simple idea but done in such a way to make you feel monumentally stupid.

The idea is that you draw a shape, which then (usually) drops down onto some objects and, hopefully, completes a task. So you might have a button that needs pressing, so you draw a brick and drop it on. Or there’s a chasm for a car to cross, so you draw a bridge. Things are somewhat more complicated when you need to draw shapes that move in a certain way once they land, or that perform two or more separate actions in order – but you can only draw one, unbroken, squiggly line.

Some real headscratchers were the one where you had to knock a cow out of a UFO tractor beam, only the cow is under the UFO, the object you draw is above it, and the UFO can’t be moved. Also, one where you have to pull a nail from a board but nail is vertically upright and the shape is, again, above.

It was enjoyable, but drawing with a finger wasn’t precise enough for some of the levels and so drawing seemingly the exact same shape on consecutive attempts caused wildly different outcomes due to the very tiny variations. Even with the hints (which show you the sort of shape you should draw) on, it’s near impossible to be exact, and so a few levels were unnecessarily frustrating. Still, physics games tend to be a bit random, and it wasn’t enough to prevent me from completing it. Well, complete until they decide to add some more levels, anyway.

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