Forgotten Worlds (Evercade): COMPLETED!

Forgotten Worlds (Evercade): COMPLETED!

Aside from a demo for the Spectrum version of this scrolling shoot ’em up, I don’t think I’ve ever properly played Forgotten Worlds before. I know Your Sinclair raved about it, but the controls (which are crying out to be twin-stick before that was a common thing) always seemed too fiddly to bother with, so I never really tried.

Turns out, that I was right.

OK, so in the arcade you have a stick to move, and a rotary dial to aim your shots. Without a dial or a twin-stick setup, that’s never going to work well when translated to other devices, and the Evercade doesn’t have either. Instead, it does what other versions of the game did, and rotated with buttons. Which is rubbish, and meant that I rarely bothered trying because it was too slow and inaccurate, especially when things got a bit hectic. Turns out, you don’t actually need to change your aim that often.

What you do need to do, often, however, is insert virtual coins, because Forgotten Worlds is REALLY BLOODY HARD. The first few levels are very easy, but by the time you’re over halfway through the game dying every 20 seconds is the norm. It’s also not even that good a game, so why I persevered, I don’t know. It has elements similar to Parodius and Fantasy Zone, with levels that have themes which seem to riff on Greek myths and Egyptian gods, as well as a mid-level upgrade shop, but it’s not as good as either of those. That said, I’m not a massive fan of shoot ’em ups but Parodius and Fantasy Zone are two of the few I enjoy, so who knows what the problem I have with it is.

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