Lightning Swords (Evercade): COMPLETED!

Lightning Swords (Evercade): COMPLETED!

Oh would you look at that. My Limited Edition Evercade EXP finally arrived! And with it, a big pile of games – some built-in, and two Arcade cartridges. So, what will I play? Why, Lightning Swords, a game I’ve never heard of, of course!

Imagine if Revenge of Shinobi was Rolling Thunder, and you’re most of the way towards what Lightning Swords is. A sideways scrolling swordy-slashy game with hundreds of identical foes and a few bosses. You can pick up powerups which appear to do nothing, and you can do special attacks by holding down the slash button for a bit. It’s not bad, but you can see how it’s designed to chew through all your 10ps.

Bafflingly, to jump you press up. Why? This isn’t an 8-bit computer game with a one-button Quickshot II – it’s an arcade game with as many buttons as you want! They could easily have made the Evercade version respond to a second button for jump, even if that were as well as up, but no. Feels unnecessarily fiddly.

But anyway. Done. It’s not the best game in the world but it was fine.

Note: screenshot isn’t mine, it’s from the Evercade site. Would be nice if you could screenshot on an Evercade!

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