Reel Steal (Playdate): COMPLETED!

Reel Steal (Playdate): COMPLETED!

I may have been neglecting my Playdate of late. Mainly because it’s hard to see the screen when it isn’t sunny. However, Panic released a big update this week with a new on-device store and a couple more free games, so I had a look. And then ended up completing this.

It’s a fishing game (hence “Reel”) where you ride a hook down into a building, winching up and down with the crank, whilst avoiding magnets, lasers and drones. You collect money bags on the way, and then the main item of the level to nick (hence “Steal”) is at the bottom, which you hook and then winch back in again.

Not sure I’d sit on the pointy bit.

Actually doing this isn’t very hard. It doesn’t seem you can die or fail, as being lasered or whatever just bumps you off the hook but you can get picked back up again. The trickiness is doing it fast enough for a medal, without falling off the hook for another medal, and getting all the money for the third medal. I didn’t do all that, but I did steal all the target items and complete the story.

Nice, quirky, silly. Kind of like most Playdate games, I’ve found.

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