Superhot (Steam Deck): COMPLETED!

Superhot (Steam Deck): COMPLETED!

Yes, yes. I’m late to the party. I know. And no, I have no excuse because I’ve owned it on Steam for ages, and it’s been on PS+ seemingly forever. But I’m here now, and that’s all that counts, right?

And, as it turns out, Superhot is bloody excellent. The “things only move when you do” mechanic is so obvious now that you wonder why it wasn’t really done before, and here it turns a first person shooter into a puzzle game. It’s not just shooting, either – throwing your gun with spent ammo into the face of a baddie only to have him drop his gun which you then pick up and shoot him (and his mates) with will never get old.

It’s all so slick and clean and fluid. And, something I didn’t realise, is there’s a weird hacking/uploading-yourself-to-the-cloud plot which plays out in your fake OS front end too. And some additional game mechanics (that I won’t spoil) that come later on in the game. Such a joy to play and near-instant restarts for your inevitable (multiple) retries just removes any friction for just-one-more go.

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