Planet TD (Steam Deck): COMPLETED!

Planet TD (Steam Deck): COMPLETED!

Planet TD is a pretty simple, no frills Tower Defen[c|s]e game. I don’t remember how I ended up with it on Steam, or why I started playing it, but it’s… fine? I mean, it’s straightforward. You have loads of levels, and on each you put different types of gun towers down on set locations before a load of baddies march along a set path and you have to make sure your guns kill them before they reach the end of the path.

If you’ve played any Tower Defence games, you’ll know exactly what to expect. Several waves of baddies, some which are stronger or weaker against different types of gun tower, money earned from killing them with which you can buy more towers or upgrade the range and/or power of the towers you’ve already placed down. There are also a few “powers” you can use, like temporarily slow enemies or launch an airstrike.

I did have a couple of issues with it, which may be Steam Deck related. The main one was that sometimes things you need to click on are off the screen. What this means, is that on some levels, you can’t put certain towers on certain “pads” because the option to do so isn’t physically accessible. Luckily, it never caused me to die or anything.

So, it’s a bit janky and simple, but sometimes uncomplicated is good and it was fun enough to play all the way through.

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