Project-X Special Edition (Evercade): COMPLETED!

Project-X Special Edition (Evercade): COMPLETED!

Bloody hell that was hard. Save states at the start of each level and still the last couple of levels were near impossible.

Although I loved this back on my Amiga, what I hadn’t realised back then was how poor the collision detection was, which, coupled with the jerky movement, caused so many deaths as I slammed accidentally into walls as I tried to scrape by. Perhaps this was because the first two levels are pretty easy but I never got any further than that until now.

A big advantage (aside from the save states) of the Evercade version are the additional buttons which replace having to either waggle the joystick or slap the spacebar (I used to do it with my foot) in order to activate the Gradius-like power-up system. The number of times I’d die while trying to GUNS, POWER UP previously, now eased with just a simple button press instead.

Despite it not living up to my memory, and feeling much less polished than it appeared to be at the time, it was still fun. But so, so hard.


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