Advance Wars 2 Re-Boot Camp (Switch): COMPLETED!

Advance Wars 2 Re-Boot Camp (Switch): COMPLETED!

Obviously having completed the first game, I had to set about doing the same for the second. It is, of course, very much more of the same but with some new COs, more involvement of the Black Hole Army right from the start, and a new unit – NeoTanks.

Unlike the first game, you don’t play as Orange Star for the majority of the game. You do a few missions as them, then unlock the next area and play as another (allied) faction. Once you’ve played the missions for all the factions, it’s Ultimate Team-Up Time where three COs are chosen to go up against a hilariously over-powered and over-deployed Black Hole Army on a huge map that is near impossible. As well as having massive guns that shoot units that come within half the map of the building you need to destroy, every 7 days a huge laser wipes out anything in the column your first army occupies, so you can’t camp-and-protect. On top of that, Sturm’s CO power is to chuck a meteor at you almost destroying anything in the 5×5 or so square it lands in. And, of course, his CO bar builds up quicker if you attack him, so the more you smack him, the more frequently he can decimate you. Oh, and in case that isn’t enough, you have to win quickly as you’ve a turn limit.

I did beat it eventually, but it took five or six attempts and each attempt was over an hour long. There’s a trick to it (which I won’t spoil), but it took a while to figure it out!

There were a few optional missions I’d missed, so went back and did those, and I also found that I hadn’t unlocked NeoTanks for all the factions. There’s a mission for each where you have to take over a specific but unmarked city before you can get the plans for the new unit, and I’d not done that for two of them so did those again too. I don’t think the tanks would have helped on the final mission in the end anyway!

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