Doors: Paradox (Steam Deck): COMPLETED!

Doors: Paradox (Steam Deck): COMPLETED!

This game is sort of one of those escape room games. It’s a lot like Rooms, which I played a while back, but each “room” is like a small scene built around a door that you need to get open in order to access the portal behind it. Each one is themed, and features a lot of smaller puzzles leading up to the main one of unlocking the door.

There’s the usual things for this sort of game – pattern puzzles, getting keys, turning knobs and flicking switches. You also have to find hidden gems and a hidden scroll on each vignette (if you want to reveal the plot and access the final levels on each chapter, anyway). In all there are three chapters with about 15 doors in each, and each door has about 8 or 10 puzzles, so it’s a surprisingly long game for the genre.

It wasn’t very taxing, and was certainly much easier than Rooms was, but it’s well made and enjoyable. And free from some online service like Epic or GOG or something at some point in the past, although I’ve forgotten where.

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