Kemono Friends Picross (Switch): COMPLETED!

Kemono Friends Picross (Switch): COMPLETED!

As you might expect, I’m a massive fan of Kemono Friends. Sorry, no, the other thing. Picross. Kemono Friends is something I’d never heard of, but the themed Picross game is by Jupiter who do all the Picross games. so of course I was going to buy it at some point.

Apparently, it’s a manga or anime or both, where there’s a zoo but all the animals are anthropomorphic and resemble human girls. Could the premise be any more anime? That doesn’t matter at all though, because I’m here for the puzzles (most of which are of the faces of these girl-animals) and it’s not relevant what they’re actually puzzles of.

30 hours later, and all done. No colour picross this time around, but Mega and Clip varieties of the puzzle are present. Now to wait for the next sale on Picross games!

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