Castlevania Legends (Switch): COMPLETED!

Castlevania Legends (Switch): COMPLETED!

I always thought that Castlevania Legends was actually the same game as either of the Game Boy Castlevania Adventure games, just named differently in a other regions. So imagine my surprise when I discovered it wasn’t, and not only that, it’s better than either of them. How have I not played this before?

OK, I should clarify that it still isn’t great. It’s pretty short, has a really restrictive time limit on each level which pretty much guarantees at least one death, and is still a bit clunky. But! It is more fun, slicker, and more playable than the others.

Apparently, until the terrible Lament of Innocence on the PS2, this was chronologically the first game in the series, although when the PS2 game was released Legends became, well, a legend. Shame, as this is a better game than that. Hell, most games are a better game than Lament of Innocence.

There’s not much else to say here. It’s a reasonable Castlevania with nothing really new for anyone who has played any of the original non-Metroidvania style ones before. And it’s free to play if you have the Nintendo Online subscription.

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