Interaction Isn’t Explicit (PS5): COMPLETED!

Interaction Isn’t Explicit (PS5): COMPLETED!

This game is both a game, and not a game. And also, but mainly, an exploration of games and game mechanics. In some ways, it’s a bit like a serious version of something like The Beginner’s Guide, presented in the form of a third person action game through the lens of a university project about video game interactivity.

The goal is just to get to the end, but the purpose is to explain to the player how there are different types of interaction (like, explicit and not-explicit) in games and how these affect both the style of game and the gameplay mechanics therein. It directly references how these are used in other games, like Elden Ring or Assassin’s Creed, and presents the same functions only via different methods. For example, a platformer where you can jump wherever you want, or an action game (like The Last of Us) where you can only do so where the game dictates you can. Similarly, it shows how button prompts can work on-screen, or other techniques of telling you what to do without actually telling you with a big “PRESS THIS” arrow.

There’s obviously some game here, shooting things in the head and scrambling over stuff, but they’re there to explain, by use of example, what the writer’s point is rather than as a direct game. I’d never played a lecture before, but that’s what it felt like.

An interesting curio, especially if you’re into the reasons behind game development choices rather than the hows or technical stuff. There’s also some nice use of the feedback and rumble effects of the PS5 controller. It’s free too, and very short, so you’ve no excuse not to “play” it.

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