Psycho Soldier (Steam Deck): COMPLETED!

Psycho Soldier (Steam Deck): COMPLETED!

Another game off that SNK 40th Anniversary Collection thing I found Prehistoric Isle on. The game title really doesn’t match anything in the game itself, which is a platform shooter starring Athena (the SNK girl who is in a few of their games) and there aren’t any soldiers, psycho or otherwise. And you know what? I really enjoyed it!

It’s quirky, very different to other superficially similar titles from the same era, and Athena sings her theme tune as you play. Incredible work on a system which presumably had a pretty simple sound chip that plays samples rather than the ability to play back digital audio files like you’d get today. You also turn into a dragon for some reason every now and then.

Surprisingly, Psycho Soldier wasn’t impossible without infinite credits. In fact, I even managed to complete a few levels without dying at all. Unheard of for an arcade game, especially one I’d never played.

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