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In 2005, I had the dubious honour of hosting the comp.sys.sinclair Crap Games Competition. The 10th such event, in fact. Woo! Here’s an archive of what “went down” that year. The judge was the dark an mysterious Starglider! You might recognise him from such places as comp.sys.sinclair. Other game reviews were provided by Dunny – from SPIN “fame”.

And the winner is…

Judge Starglider has spoken:

Starglider’s Verdict:

But which game wins in my opinion? It’s a tough call. Star Wars was a fantastic effort, and there were some other classic games like Game of Sand and Bargain Buckets. But I personally think that the winner of the CGC2005 is…

…The George Best Deathbed Simulator by Alex Taylor. I hadn’t laughed so much at what is essentially a crap game!

The entries

Download the whole steenking lot from this link right here. Or, read all about them first, here!

Play them all online!

You can play all of the games from the competition below!

[includeme file=qaop/cgc2005.txt]

The emulator used is Qaop. Please note that I’m aware that BustOut is missing (it’s a ZX81 game) and a few won’t load (they were converted from TZX files and broke, or they’re for a 128K Speccy which QAOP doesn’t support), but I’m working on it!


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