PC Plus changes their target audience

I only subscribe to two magazines – EGM, and PC Plus. In fact, I’ve cancelled my renewal for PC Plus because I don’t actually have a PC any more, but I still have the end of the subscription to run. Imagine my surprise when I opened this month’s issue to find, along with the usual scammy scratchcards and flyers for home insurance, this:

New server desktop wallpaper

At work, I’ve facetiously named all our servers with actual proper names. “Server 1” or “Mail Server” are dull, boring, and – most importantly – rubbish names for servers. So they have names. Some were named after specific people, others were named because the machines were different colours and the name started with the same letter as the colour. Roxy is the Proxy. So there’s no real pattern to them all. Anyway. This week, we killed several of the older …