Let me tell you a story about a Wii U delivery

Twas a balmy day in September. The Wii U had been announced, and I’d been pedalling all year to afford it: one was ordered from Zavvi. Cries of “No! Not Zavvi! You’ll never get it on time!” abound. But a £75 saving, and therefore a 75 mile saving, was too good it miss. Although it nearly was missed. Read on! Everything went quiet. Nothing happened for weeks. After all, the release date wasn’t until November the 30th. I preordered Mario …

The Nintendo Wii U

There’s no point denying it this time round. Fact is, I pre-ordered a Gamecube. I pre-ordered a Wii. I love both those machines, and I’ll love this. Even if only three decent Nintendo games ever come out for it and then it dies a horrible death. I don’t care – I want one. In fact, I’ve pre-ordered one already. Tch, eh?