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Two almost identical scams in two days! Actual, in one day, as this arrived in my home post yesterday. Bundled in with the latest catalogue for The Book People, was this flyer:

As with yesterday’s scam du jour, I was told I’d won an amazing prize! Of course, in order to claim the prize, I’d have to ring 09061 562911, paying ¬¨¬£9.30 for the phone call. Then, I’d no doubt win “an MP3 Player”, probably of the sort eBuyer sell for a fiver, and then have to pay ¬¨¬£9.95 delivery and insurance. Bargain.

A search for The Prize Registry, PO Box 78, Ross-on-Wye, HR9 9ZU brings up plenty of references, including this from The Motley Fool.

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  1. J Sandiford

    Folks just received the latest desperate attempt from this ridiculous outfit asking me to phone for a claim number. Please Please don’t ring them. This is a con!

  2. linda gavin

    I also was taken in with this scam, still receive letters monthly telling me what I could win, they go straight in the bin, so be warned. Do not understand how nowaday’s they get away with it.

  3. Daphne Bloomfield

    Another reminder from The British Awards Council about my unclaimed reward. I cannot recall filling in anything to claim a reward, but my memory is not what it used to be. Thought I’d check it out and hey presto, this site. I find this shocking. Watch Dog please do something about it.

  4. heather fox

    hi. just wanted to say thanx coz i was tempted to ring the “british awards council” up. my lowest prize is £100 and tht wld be very handy. then i read what other ppl said & id probably get the swiss,austraian tour!!!!!!!!!!!! how do they get away wth naming themselves “the british awards council” must be a law agaisnt tht. gona e-mail watchdog……….. big thanx again

  5. mary

    I keep geting the same letter from national allocations office its time something was done about this scam it is fraud and theft, it is time someone put a stop to it, watchdog please do something about it.

  6. jo

    i also received a letter in the post saying i won a prize thought i would check on internet first due to the letter having no phone number which i thought was unusual thanks for the warning.

  7. Jack Bradford

    I have just received the 30th. letter from Unclaimed Prizes Registry Office at Ross on Wye I have returned all of them to sender in the past in the same envalope with a message that I am not interested and please please take my name off their system. I am returning this one with a very abusive message and I have sent a copy to my local Office of Fair Trading. Has anyone managed to stop these letters. There is no doubt its a scam but there are many vulnerable people out there, they must be making a huge sum out of it.

  8. Ian C Mitchell

    I have recieved another letter from unclaimed prizes registry office I notified scam buster enquiries and reporting centre which is an arm of the office of fair trading. i recived a reply saying that not much could be done about the supect practices of this company

  9. Carrol Watson

    I am like so many others I am sick of getting these letters, and the one I got today are asking for £14.95 so I can clame my Prize and if I had not seen all the answers you got about them I would have sent off the money. Thanks for the warning, you saved me some money.

  10. Poppy

    I have been receiving letter from the U.K. Allocations Office regularly for a few months. I always work on the fact that you don’t get something for nothing and I had not entered into any competition. I was not even tempted but it is annoying that these people can get away with it. Thanks
    for the web site.

  11. John Simpson

    Now calling themselves UK Allocations Office. PO Box 78, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire HR9 9ZYU.
    They have a new Award Allocation Manager Adam Ford.

    BANDITS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Mags Morgan

    Received one today from ‘UK Allocations Office’. PO Box 29, Ross-on-Wye. I refuse to ring 090 numbers, but decided it was worth the cost of a couple of stamps to see if I had won. I’m so glad I decided to do a quick search online before I sent the letter.

  13. Gwyn Roberts

    I copied this text from the offending web site

    Maybe if we inundated them with phone calls it might help?

    Q. I don’t wish to receive any further mailings from you. How can I have my address details removed?

    A. Either write to us at Dept. MPS, Green Heys, Walford Road, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire, HR9 5PQ or telephone our Customer Services helpline on 01989 769797. We will remove your name on the same day we receive the request. Please note because of processing time you may receive one further mailing from us after your request.

  14. Gwyn Roberts

    The postcode they use is linked to the PO Box that they rent – so the company may not even be located in Ross on Wye! It is possible to rent a PO box for any town and to have the mail delivered direct to you at your true location

  15. j gardner

    i’ve have another letter stating i’ve to claim 2 prizes utter nonsense the letters have been coming for about 2 years they go straight thru the shredder a shower of rogues

  16. Clare Hale

    just got a letter from “Central Office of Prize allocations” address Ross-on Wye, so beware they appear to have changed their name again & address slightly this is PO Box 111, not as others have listed!!
    Thanks for the warning, thought i would just check it out…Glad i did!!

  17. Sue Challinor

    Well done to everyone who had the sense to check this out before being taken in by the scam. Please tell all your family and friends about this so that they know what to do if they receive a letter.

  18. doreen

    me too been getting these letters for ages tryed few times to contact them all big con they need be named and shamed iv even posted things back they want shot doing this to all us .

  19. David Brombley

    I had one of these awfull letters today. I was ‘caught out’ once before but never again. This is the first time I’ve looked them up on the internet. Even another site imediately gave it a bad name. I read throught quite a few of the above letters and totally agree with them. It costs about £9 or £10 to phone the 09061 number and all you get is worthless so called diamond pendant and or aworthless Luxury villa holiday. Don’t forget you have to pay for you own flights etc. just to also mention they cant even spell my name right they haave me as Mr Brombery. so as (HE) doesn’t excist. it doesn’t get a reply.

  20. sue parker

    I have had five letters saying i have two rewards allocated to me from uk allocations office in ross on wye herefordshire it is a scam it costs £9 to phone the 09061 number whoever is doing this should be looked into would like to know how they found my name and address i think the the trading standards should be made aware of this it is definately a con.

  21. karen chapman

    so excited, thought i had won a holiday for two. was going to give it away to someone. so glad i have read all of these comments from these good people. i only hope that trading standards or royal mail can put a stop to this terrible scam.

  22. M Chapman

    Had the letters as described. I ignored them as wouldn’t pay for an 09 call. Now had letter asking for cheque for £14.95 to despatch my marvellous prize. Why that amount to send a cheque for £25.000. Postage and envelope wouldn’t cost that much. I do hope people won’t line these peoples pockets. Is it time the law was involved

  23. kevin

    <having received a letter from THE WINNERS /responce team,allocating me a £25,000 prize ect,asks me to send £14.95 for postage @ insurance,also states,money back if not satisfied 100%,they ask for credit card details,and my sigature does this mean they could use my bank card details more than once,and is this a scam many thanks kevin

  24. Teresa

    I also received letter from Carol Brown the distribution manager asking to send £14.95 by cheque or postal order,they are now called The winners Response Team the address Ross-on-Rye post code HR9 9YY, to claim one of the prizes from £25,000 down to Marks & spencers vouchers also, glad i looked this site up as i was also tempted..How are they still getting away with it…Teresa

  25. Conway

    I just fell victim to it. i called because the letter is so misleadng. Gosh how can they be allowed to fool people like this. Bumper should have checked online before calling and losing over £15

  26. jan monk

    Well it’s now June 2012 and I’ve received my final reminder from Cash Prize Confirmations Distribution Centre, Unclaimed Prizes Distribution, P.O. Box 78, Ross-On-Wye, HR9 9ZU. I’ve definitley won a prize, but it will cost me 1.53 per min max 6 mins or 10.80 by text! I give it a miss !!!!!

  27. Gazza

    Received a letter today 11 Sept 2013 .from the Prize Directory, yes Ross -On -Wye.
    This time they would like with my permission to notify my local newspaper that I have won a top prize of 20,000 pounds…but I can remain anonymous…
    I send these letters straight back by writing not known at this address.
    with no stamp. On it..I have never had the returned letter posted back to me so post office return them and hopefully charge them, but we will never find that out.
    So do as others say, bin it or return as I have suggested

  28. Douglas Wheeler

    I have had 2 letters now from The Prize Directory saying that I have definitely won a prize and gave me my name and post code which is all correct – but the letter that I had before from (The Prize Directory) I did actually ring 09061 580125 which thanks to these stupid gits that sent the letter cost me £9.30 on my phone bill – wouldn’t be worth me knowing who it was because I would take them to either the small claims court Or to a proper court because these people get away with blue murder and its not on and besides loads and loads of people are falling for it and being out of pocket big time and its just not good enough – there should be a law to stop Idiots like this from Operating this sort of business Or scams – who ever does these scams should be heavily prosicuted and compensate the people who they have scamed and if there is a prize say for example £20,000 make them pay triple and make them pay £60,000 in compensation to those people who fell for it and rang or text the number

  29. Hazel

    I always send them back, with a message, saying ‘just send me my prize, that I have DEFINITELY won and take the £9.30 out of it, simple!’ Guess what? I get sod all…same as I would have got before, but it only cost me a stamp!! Xxx

  30. Alison

    You don’t have to ring to claim your claim code to get a prize, if you read the small print you can claim by post this way it only costs a stamp and envelope. If you don’t win they send a voucher for a small treat like a photo session. They want you to ring so they can charge you ridiculous prices but that’s how they get their money to fund the prizes. You just need to becareful.

  31. peter&stephanie Baldry

    We keep getting these letters PLEASE DO NOT RING if you receive one,we feel sorry for the elderly and confused, its about time the goverment took action on these Prize Directory companies.They should be fined a lot of money as this is a scam and the money given to deserving charities or the NHS to really help people.It would be very interesting to know how much money they earn from this.does the tax man know and do they pay their tax.

  32. corrinna

    I get one every few months and have been doing so for the last two years. Never get anything for free in the mail now days so straight in the in rubbish where it belongs.

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