The Prize Registry

The Prize Registry

Two almost identical scams in two days! Actual, in one day, as this arrived in my home post yesterday. Bundled in with the latest catalogue for The Book People, was this flyer:

As with yesterday’s scam du jour, I was told I’d won an amazing prize! Of course, in order to claim the prize, I’d have to ring 09061 562911, paying ¬¨¬£9.30 for the phone call. Then, I’d no doubt win “an MP3 Player”, probably of the sort eBuyer sell for a fiver, and then have to pay ¬¨¬£9.95 delivery and insurance. Bargain.

A search for The Prize Registry, PO Box 78, Ross-on-Wye, HR9 9ZU brings up plenty of references, including this from The Motley Fool.


  1. The letter is exactly the same as Ive received today, even down to the despatch code.

    I have decided that I will not even attempt to colect a prize so thanks for the warning, stuff like this should be banned.

  2. Also received one identical in a home catalogue, in second catalogue received a “Final Reminder” from the “National Prize Register” (NPR)in Leeds saying I had not responded to their mailings and this was my last shot. Have had no other communication from them in the past so can only assume this is connected to the scam as talked about above. All paper now being trashed!

  3. I too have been scammed by The Prize Registry. However, there may be legal recourse to the company in whose material the letter was originally sent. Will keep you posted.

    Scott Holmes
  4. I have received many letters about claiming a prize. I usually bin them. The most recent one almost tempted me but I thought I would check the internet first to see if anyone else has had these things. Mine claims they are keeping an award for me, it could be £25,000 Cash, A Car, Digital TV, £850 M & S Vouchers, Laptop, Theatre break for two, etc, etc and of course calls are £1.50 a minute.
    The address at top of the letter is CAS Community Awards Service, PO Box 78, Ross-on-Wye, HR9 9ZU! Seems they change their name alot but it is always Ross-on-Wye.

    Alison Mclean
  5. im glad i found this site, the last one they sent us was quite tempting, same as Alison’s claiming they are holding the prize for us. Like mentioned above i think its sick that they can do this, especially when people are so desporate they will try anything to get some cash to pay the bills etc. i will be binning the letter now. thanks

  6. I fell for it once and was duly ripped off.
    I suspect that they are operating the right side of the law -but ethically this sort of scam, which is what it is, should be banned in my view.
    Sadly it is our very own Royal mail that have both delivered and accepted this company’s junk mail contract….perhaps if enough complaints and / or strong protests are made to them, then we may make it more difficult for this lot to trade.
    Finally, I think that their trading style “Community Awards Service” is also misleading suggesting that they are some form of credible outfit contributing a worthwhile product or service to the industry.
    Would Watch Dog be interested perhaps?

    Royal Mail’s part in aiding and abetting this lot should be severely quesioned in my view.

    I notice

    Roger Lambourne
  7. Yep….same as Alison, many letters becoming more urgent and aggressive in marketing style….if I do not claim I will loose up to ¬£25,000. Should be illegal.

    Penny Elms
  8. Oh forgot to add that I phoned one of these a couple of years ago (curiosity kills the cat)….at the end of the very long blurb costing crazy money a minute, the final digit of the award verification code, or whatever it’s called was obscured by interference. If I had believed it was genuine then I would have had to repeat the process….and so on.

    Penny Elms
  9. yes i to have recived this letter today one came im not phoning them my motto is i dident enter for any prize i didint do any thing there not getting a penny from me

  10. My dad who is 77, has been getting these letters saying he has won for ages. Didn’t tell me to start with but I found out he had phoned the number. He asked me if I would check on the internet. I had already told him it was a scam but he didn’t really believe me, thought he had won a cruise!! Plus he aslo had the ¬£9.50 phone call. Should be illegal as people of my dad’s generation are more vunerable to th sort of scam. Theybeliev what they get through the post. Thanks for this site confirming what I already knew!

  11. As mentioned earlier, something should be done to stop these people. I have been receiving letters for about a year now. To be honest I found myself thinking maybe it is genuine as they are so persistent. But the reality is how can you win a prize for something you never enter into. Also why would it cost so much for a phone call/text to claim your award.

    Roger is correct in saying that the aiding and abetting from the Royal Mail and other parties should severely be questioned.

    This is yet another one that will be shredded by me.

  12. Threw it straight into the bin. What is very annoying is that it delivered by the Royal Mail with Final Reminder emblazoned all over it!! In my opinion the Royal Mail should not deliver this type of mail.


  14. just got yet one more final reminder from cas in ross on wye for the wife had loads letters from them for years never replyed to any been in contact with trading standards and police freuod dept south monmouth next watch dog

    chris bailey
  15. Hi all, i have been receiving these letters for the past 2 years, i keep getting final reminder letters all the time, yes they changed the name a few times but it is a scam, i am going to forward the information to the police and papers to name and shame them, bloody con merchants should not be preying on people during financial crisis, glad i went on this website, thanks.

    jason wood
  16. Like others listed above, I too have received a constant flow of reminders etc from these people in Ross on Wye about the prizes I have won and what a loser I will be if I fail to respond… that is a chance we all should be willing to take as I fear that the real losers will be those who do respond only to learn that they have been conned. The best sayings to bear in mind are:- ‘There’s no such thing as a free meal’ and ‘It is impossible to win a competition you have not entered’ — or, as they use to say, you can’t win it if you ain’t in it!!!

    Dennis Chambers
  17. Having had 3 letters already from the Unclaimed prize register site in Ross on Wye today I have been sent a letter headed Plymouth Prize Register and upon checking for an address imagine my surprise when I noted that it was sent from Ross on Wye. Another attempt to con me into thinking that this was a local prize draw. Needless to say I will not be spending any money on e mailing them or phoning them.

    Linda Walters
    1. I also received this and as i know i did not enter any comps i gathered up all the junk mail i had received including some fast food menus and posted them to the address on the letter if they send me junk they will get more junk back 😉

  18. Been getting these letters for three years and more! only resopnded to them once! Got another one today! and guess what ….. they are threating to actually take my name off their register! wish they would cos im so sick of people like these scamming us with their cheap worthless prizes! havent got a clue how they got my name and adress in the first place cos i certainly didnt! ah well hopefully they will delete me!! Bliss!

    elizabeth campbell
  19. Just got one of these pathetic letters from these even more pathetic idiots. Only they are calling themselves National Allocations Office .Still PO box 78 and same address. What will they think of next??

    mark stubbs
  20. Same letter for me. Anyone from Ross on Wye want to call in to give them a load of trash to look through.Go on you must have a load of junk mail and trash for them.

    Kenny B
  21. Thanks for this information. I have just intercepted a letter my dear old nan was going to send to the ‘National Allocations Office’, believing that she had won 10K! This info will help me explain that it is all a con and she is not going to receive a penny. It really annoys me how they prey on the vunerable. Thanks again.

  22. i have in the past phoned for an allocation code sent it away but then got a reply to send a sum of money to receive my prize didnt of course but today received a final reminder and a note to say they will remove my name plrase do thats what i say . will send claim form back ,asking them to send no more letters .on the envelope of these letters it says OFFICIAL REMINDER ENCLOSED .which is upsetting to me and worries the family if im not in to open these letters glad i found this site

    j harkins
  23. Thank you for your web-site. I too have received several letters from these people. The latest address is PO box 78, Ross on Wye. I am told I may have my name removed from the Swindon Allocation Database – whoopee !!!

  24. My wife received one today. this is the 3rd one from them. This one said if you do not claim you will lose the chnce of a prize. this letter has followed the others into the recycling

    Graham Forster
  25. I have received numerous letters all from the same PO Box in Ross on Wye over the past two years. The name changes periodically and always has “OFFICIAL REMINDER ENCLOSED” blazened across the envelope. The latest received today states The Norwich Allocations Office want to send your current award!!! I could paper a room with the amount of paper received. The promise of prizes is tempting but I was caught on similar scam about 6 years ago and ended up sending a cheque for postage, insurance etc for a watch I could have purchased for half the cost!! Let alone the cost of the phone call while listening to the long telephone instrustions! Can anyone advise as to how to shop these letters??

  26. just received “final reminder” from National Allocations Office at…. you guessed Ross on Wye. Have been bombarded by these people for months.Always small print shows high cost of telephone call needed to get a claim No and prize usually rubbish.I agree that reputable companies should not include this scam with their correspondence.Shame on you Royal Mail for delivering such rubbish.DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS SCAM AT ALL.Thanks for all these messages of advice- good honest work!

  27. i have recieved a final reminder today what a scam if we have all won something why do they just not send it you it is probably some cheap tack that you can buy in your local pound shop its outrageous.

  28. my mother received 1 of these letters. she was on the verge of ringing them because it does actually look too good an offer. r they deliberately targeting pensioners ?
    my words of advice to anyone who receive these is this ….. if they r asking you to ring any number it’s a fiddle !! the company is lawful because they specify the details in small print at the bottom. they are relying on people not reading the small print, a habit which we english have always been guilty of !!! hope everyone can realise these companies r set up to deceive relations, but as you may be aware, the law is an ass when it comes to this. the government don’t care as long as they pay their taxes on profits. the lords sit there & cream off their share too BE CAREFUL !!! good luck to 1 & all !!!

  29. I have received a letter from National Allocations Office PO Box 78 Ross-on-Wye this is the same as the last 20 letters I have recived over 2 years , in the BIN it GO’s this company has a lot of diffrent names. WHY is BT letting this company do this to all kinds of people as it is there phone line that is used.


    Rose T .C
  31. Today 11/8/09 Letter from NATIONAL PRIZE REGISTRY TRURO istill had a prize AWARD WAITING FOR ME JUST A PHONE CALL!

    Rose T .C
  32. Another letter to add to the list. A Final Reminder from the National Allocations Office – same address – this has also been going on for about 3 years. Why cannot someone in Authority stop these people?

    Shirley Dent
  33. Just received ANOTHER final reminder telling me that I could win ¬£25,000 because the top prize has not yet been claimed. Had at least 10 of these and they’ve gone in the bin. The ploy has changed slightly – no 09 number, just a claim form with date of birth and home telephone number on but its still a scam and still going in the bin!

    Mia R.
  34. Hi

    These scum are on the same wavelength as the scum from spain who operate holiday scams that I fell for but thankfully got my money back 🙁

    What I do to stop it and this has worked in the past, is send them a very abusive letter in which I question their parentage, and tell them in No uncertain terms what I think of them in an envelope with their address on but with NO stamp. The trick here is write on the back of the envelope “Cheque Enclosed”, now the post office will deliver a card informing said scum that there’s a letter requiring ¬£1.21 fee to be paid, if curiousity gets the better of the scum they’ll ring the PO and be told about the letter and about what’s written on the back.

    Now hopefully two things happen;1 they’ve paid for a phone call; 2 they’ve paid the EXTRA postage fee AND been insulted-Result.

    Remember even if they don’t collect the mail what have you lost? You feel better for directly ranting at them and you’ve not wasted the price of a stamp.

    This has dramatically reduced the spam mail I get at work and home.

    Fight back!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Hi,

    I have received a few letters from national allocations office(Ross on Wye, PO box 78) and i have responded to them. They’ve sent me a crappy radio last year…waste of money to be honest…

    A few weeks ago i have received another letter stating that I’ve won a cruise to Spain….i responded to that as well…now i am waiting to see what happens…although i am pretty convinced is a bloody scam.

    I’ve also called them a few times on the number provided and they haven’t been able to give me any information regarding the claim,etc..

    This scam should be exposed in the media!

    elena platon
  36. Today received my final reminder with attached claim form.
    Has any of the residents of Ross-on-Wye received Final Reminders, and what do they think of it. and why does this town allow its name to be involved in this “SCAM” The Post Office workers there must know who is receiving this mail. Who will spill the beans.

  37. what a fab website, was thinking of ringing the number but as no mail address on letter thought id look it up and for a couple of minutes on the internet its saved me a tenner.

  38. I live in wolverhampton and have had same letter over and over again I have sent letter back loads of times saying I do not intend paying for a phone call or postage and if they have any prize for me then send it to me. Still keep getting letters. received one today I am thinking of writing to them threatening legal action. Where do they get their info from.

  39. Hi Folks,
    I have just checked on a ” Final Reminder” that my wife has had twice now, also told she would be removed from their database . Hopefully they will.Is there no org we can report these people to?

    Tom Drummond

  41. Oh yes, I have also recieved this moody letter..
    I new it was a, Delboy one, there’s no email address and a
    Box number.. a dead give away.I feel sorry for older vulnerable people. or just the nieve there must be a way of stopping these scams..?

    John Hayden
  42. Hi All,

    recieved final reminder today, so very tempted to call them. I was actually on the internet trying to find an alternative number to avoid paying the premium rate, just by luck i find this site and i’m so glad i did. Nearly fell for the scam, well done everyone.

  43. My mum lives alone and despite me warning her about these scams she gets quite convinced by them and has been known to reply. Luckily she was on holiday when this came and i have “removed it” to investigate and hey presto yet another scam. These people have to be stopped.

  44. National Allocations Office have been bombarding my 81 yr old mother for months! Tried but failed to contact these thieves. Wld love to expose them as con artists! Hopefully they will get their just rewards soon. Glad to have found this site!


  46. Alert!! I received a letter from ‘unclaimed prizes allocation & distribution office’ and stupidly called the premium rate number ie 09066-655704 and won a 3 night stay in paris…by bus….from west coast scotland. Ross-On-Wye this mob are from. Can’t believe I fell for it. Thanks to all.

  47. Thank goodness for this website. My 87 year old mother keeps receiving letters from Unclaimed Prizes Allocation & Distribution Office notifying that the £25,000 top award has been allocated to her followed by how to claim by ringing 09066 655432 at £1.50 per minute, sent from the same place as all the others in this bog Ross on Wye. Thanks for the warning, I can now confidently confirm to my mother this IS A SCAM.

  48. Yes…they are now calling themselves ‘UNCLAIMED PRIZES ALLOCATION & DISTRIBUTION OFFICE’ Po Box 63…and guess where…ROSS-ON-WYE. DO NOT call the premium rate number. DO NOT text and DO NOT send them a stamped self addressed envelope.
    DO RECYCLE these letters and any others remotely similar.
    I find that shredded they make a good base for hamster cages and cat litter trays, or as in a comment above send the letter back with no stamp so they have to pay the postage.
    Hopefully that should p*ss royal mail off enough to stop them sending us this *$@! amen

  49. Thanks everyone. I keep getting these letter saying its my last change to claim and then a week later telling me the same. But the letter still keep coming. David (Nov 10) was so right. So many people are struggling right now including myself. I was so tempted this time that i tried to check out the company. No luck but loads of blogs. I hope more victims read this and take your advice as i have. Thanks again

  50. If someone reputable really wanted to give you ¬£25,000 they probably wouldn’t mind paying for stamps themselves. Was pretty sure this was a scam but glad to have my view confirmed.

  51. wot a con, ring the technical number 01989 760542 and tell them u want taking off the list they dont like it, hopefully it will stop them otherwise watchdog will be knowing about them, im glad i found this site thanks everyone.

  52. Yep, the scam continues. Received my letter today same verse third and final reminder! I’m now writing to Watchdog, though they seem to have lost their teeth recently!

    steve allnutt
  53. I agree with all the above. ive never recieved anything like this before and i know its a scam but ive had that many im starting to think it might be real. Know i have see this site i wont be replying and i hope i dont keep getting these things for the next 2 years. WHAT A WASTE OF TIME,PAPER & INK. There are a lot of sick people out there that need to be sorted out and taste their own medicine. THANK YOU FOR THIS SITE.

  54. Thank you. Still going on. My very elderly parents received this scam last week. The crooks behind this, ought have their hands chopped off for stealing from pensioners. Why hasn’t the police done something about this? Cheers Ben

  55. My mother who has just turned 100 has just received one of these “important notices” from this bunch I am glad to say after having read the comments on this site it is now in the recycle bin at her nursing home, sad people.

    Don Bewick
  56. Oh my god!!!! My third letter just landed on the mat….what a scam!! Thank god for this site as the wording was quite convincing. Reading through the other replys I strongly agree that these “Unclaimed Prize” companys should be BANNED! Not even sure how they got my address in the first place. Cheers guys. Take care all.

  57. Unclaimed Prizes Allocation & Distribution office: p.o. box 63 ross on why? Looks like they rent more than one box! I did wishful think for a moment, silly and skint. before coming to my senses and binning the letter! Mr Roger Davis didn’t even have the decency to sign my letter with his real pen! Go and fetch them watch dog!

  58. Received my final reminder letter in the post today.Although not usually taken in by this type of thing, it sounded tempting.However, decided to check it out first as it seemed too good to be true. Glad I did, my letter is going straight in the bin!.

    Helen Sullivan
  59. Received third ” Final Reminder” today, others have been added to shredded paper collection fo RSPCA to use as litter base for animals use !!! This one is to be posted back, stamp less, will add as previous person says written back “cheque enclosed”, might make them spend ¬£1.21 to collect!!

    Brian Fawcett

    robert willison
  61. Thank you for this site. Have received 3 letters, 2 Unclaimed Prizes Allocation and today County Awards Registry Bureau. Just different PO Box but Ross on Wye! Something needs to be done

  62. I received a letter a few days ago from Community Awards Services, Ross on Wye and today notices they wanted to send a prize by today. I completed all that was required, with cheque and all details, but decided to check this site before sneding. Thanks so much. Will now shred all of it.

  63. My wife looked at an offer from the Unclaimed Prizes Bureau in Ross-on-Wye which came via a catalogue and was seriously tempted to claim her prize. I am a lawyer and do caution for a living. I read the smallprint which in my view satisfies any legal requirement but it just didn’t smell right. I thought I’d research this a little more and stumbled upon this site. As someone else said “if it’s too good to be true..” Leave well alone it will only end in tears.

  64. My mother received a letter dated 29th October from County Awards. She asked me to check it out and when I did found all these comments. Her “unique” reference was 642884 as it appears are many other peoples! At least she had the sense not to just telephone them.

  65. recieved today yet another letter from this bunch of scammers !! was the unclaimed prize register the southampton prize register now county awards register ! what next out of this world register ?
    these robbers must be caught and shamed for what they are parasites !! have we won 25.000 or a car etc have we hell !
    what I suggest is everybody sends the mail back freepost to them unopended !! let them pay for a change !!

  66. Just received a County award today. Same as everyone else, same prizes and allocation code. Have received these for a number of years now and been foolish enough in the past to respond, forking out over a tenner for the code. I once received a digital camera, wasnt quite the same as the ¬£25000.00 I was hoping for, when it arrived it was the size of a pocket watch and lasted about 5 mins, sort of thing you’d get in a cracker. These people should be banned, send them to the front line.

  67. i have received a letter today saying that if i dont respond i will lose the prize.i keep getting them.stupid enough i did ring up last time i received one but i put the ohone down,they have now said if i dont reply they might have to inform the newspaper on my behalf,ha ha what are they playing at.They need to be stopped.

  68. Many thanks for this site, have received numerous award letters, that have been binned.Very surprised Watch Dog, have not got on the case, as I would be interested to know if this outfit & directoes/partners are breaking the law.The staff employed must be very thick skinned, knowing they are playing with the minds of elderly people.

    Michael Bayliss
  69. I have received a few of these letters and I just throw them in the bin, after I’ve checked the web. I find it very sad that these people have nothing else better to do than sit down and compose a letter trying to scam people out of money! If they saved their money rather than having to pay to have the letters printed and their morales would be intact, but obviously these people are extremely stupid and will eventually get caught what a sad life they lead.

  70. We have today received another one of these, from The C.A.R. Another disguise of several received over the past few years, all of which have gone in the bin/recycling bag. My late elderly mother was almost conned by one years bac,thankfully she always told me when she received “fantastic” stuff like this. After we informed her what to do with it she was wise to them. Our main concern is elderly/less alert people are not able to tell someone, or research on the internet. There should be some sort of awareness campaign to warn of the dangers.

    Louise Donnison
  71. we,ve all had enough of these sick jokers.ive had a letter today,one of many over the past year or so. THE C.A.R PO BOX 63 ross on wye.WATCHDOG.DO SOMETHING.These people should NOT be aloud to prey on anyone like this,especially on the elderly.

  72. Think I may wipe my arse on a bit of paper and send it……lol
    Imagine if every one did that. May even stop em from sending this crap in the post and royal mail may think twice in helping them.

    Long John
  73. Received a letter from THE C.A.R PO Box 63, Ross-on-Wye, saying that I had won a confirmed prize of either £25K, a £10K car etc etc etc…. was very curious obviously aint we all. But thought I would check the internet first for any info. So glad I did, I was very tempted. Somehting needs doing about this Company and other names they go by, as they are all from the same place. Why is no-one doing anything, what does it take.

    Chelle Brooke
  74. I just recieved my award letter from The C.A.R, PO BOX 63, Ross on wye HR9 9WX, cheeky gits have been sending me these letters out every month or so with different names and po boxes too!!! Bunch of saddo’s trying to make money out of gullible people who think they might have won a prize 🙁

    I really want to do something bad to this company like spam the hell out of them!!! or email them constantly to fill up their inbox!! OOOOhhh the things that could be done!

  75. I just rang the 01989760540 number and put 141 in front of it to hide my home phone number from them and I asked the lady to take my address of their register, She asked me for my name and postcode and told me it was done…I told her I was sending all the spam letters to watchdog and she said “Oh well Done!” The cheek of her!!!

  76. Thank God I had the sense to google, cause it really does sound plausible although one never ever gets anything for nothing. Keep up the good work folks. THE COMMUNITY AWARDS REGISTER UK. A likely story.

  77. new this was a SCAM soon as i seen the letter , any people reading this dont get scamed by the teeth whitening pens this is what made me less gulable about these new clever scams. check up on everything first , dont get scamed once is bad enough

  78. Ha Ha, have just received my final reminder (again), this time from the Community Awards Register. The fact that they have now been sending me these letters for the past year, without any response from me, might have given them a clue that I would not be taken in by their scam – or perhaps they are not that intelligent? Sad people.

  79. I have received the C.A.R scam po box 63, this has been going on for nearly a year,final reminders every few is good that this web page is hear as it will stop lots of people falling for it im shore.

  80. just found out my nan has sent back her letter with 2 first class stamps, thinking she has won a camera! £9.30 phone bill later, dont think she’ll be receiving it!!!!!!!!!!!! its such a shame that these companies think its ok to con our own oap’s!!!! shame on them!!

  81. I have just received The C.A.R. scam dated 4th. February 2010 with Reference No: 047600001022406. The letter says Final reminder to complete and post to The Community Awards Register UK, PO Box 63, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire, HR9 9WX. This is the third such mail and never bothered to reply any of them. How to report and catch these frauds? Can some one advice me.

  82. Letter from The C.A.R just dropped in my letter box here in Newcastle Uon Tyne.
    All details as above. A big thank you to you guys for doing this here. Look at how much you have saved others already. These people should be brought to justice 🙂

  83. My Mother died in September and she is still getting mail for Community Awards Register.
    I tera of the identifying piece and put it into the Post paid envelope of another piece of Junk mail.
    If we start to cost the junk mailers money then they “might” change. We all know that the law cannot touch them perhaps costing them 30p at a time is a little justice for us all.

    Patrick N
  84. So many complaints! So many people undoubtedly being conned every day. Could this site be used as a forum for doing something about it? Like me you probably hardly know where to start. But I’ve just e-mailed Ross-on-Wye tourist information to alert them to the damage that this is doing to the town’s image. If they were flooded by similar messages, might they get involved? I’m about to e-mail BT to ask them why they are allowing their landline to be used for apparent criminal activity. A similar letter may go to the Royal Mail regarding use of the PO Box. It requires some imagination – maybe better ideas than these. But doing something is important. This site could be used to pool ideas to take some action to end this disgrace.

  85. Just received yet another ‘Final Reminder’ from C.A.R PO Box 63 Ross -on Wye HR9 9WX 09061 563552

    Do not reply to these scams
    – once you do – you will be inundated from scams from all over the world.

    I work for a charity for older people and these scams prey on older, lonely and vulnerable. I have seen people lose their complete life savings – up to 30,000 pounds. They end up with sackfuls of junk mail and are completely taken in by promises of huge sums of money and gifts.

    Am surprised that with modern technology, these scams cannot be tracked down.

  86. Yes in the same boat as all of you,had lots of letters, have been very tempted at times pleased to have found this site, many thanks, will certainly do one or two of the suggestions made.

  87. just recieved another scam letter informing me of winning a prize.THIS is my fourth reminder.Something needs to be done to stop these crooks.How to they get my address?. Not happy everyone be aware when you come across such junk mail because that is what it is.take care

  88. I am very glad and grateful that this site exists. My partner received the usual letter mentioned above by everyone else by these villains preying on the vulnerable with the current financial situation it is to be tempted to respond especially the elderly. Hopefully if people check up on sites like this they will get no replies and will have to pay for everything without reward: the postage their rent of box numbers and the printing. What should happen is that Watchdog but preferably the government should tell people to check everything they receive offering unsolicited money – on computer web sites and if they haven’t got a computer ask a friend, relative or library.

  89. They are not just aiming at OAP’s, I started receiving these at 18 and two years on i am still getting them, now every few weeks as final reminders telling me i will be a loser if i do not contact by 28th February. They also keep changing the date on which i was allocated the prize it is now 7th January. I live in Leicester so they are obviously sending them all over England. They are calling themselves The Community Awards Register UK same address as repeatedly mentioned here! I was soooo tempted as we are struggling by also with a 1yr old son who is getting through sizes of clothes so quickly and eats alot! It really is disgusting that they are conning so many people and i really dont understand why nothing is being done. Thank you all soo much for writing on this site and making me come to my senses.

  90. I have been receiving these letters for nearly a year now telling me that my prize will be passed to someone else and to confirm if you want to decline the award by ticking the box and returning it. Unfortuantely it doesn’t work they still keep sending them. I have noticed that the name has changes slightly over the years but the address stays the same.
    Iam thankful this site exists, I was about to call them but thought I should google to check first and im glad I did. Keep up the good work, if it wasn’t for sites like this even more people would be scamed.
    I too will contact BT and the Tourist Board of Ross-On-Wye to complain and make them aware of the bad publicity this is bringing to there area. If everyone does the same then maybe we can stop these people once and for all.

  91. just recieved unclaimed prise from ross on wye wanting me to send £14.99 by mastercard or postal order or cheque to recieve £25,000 down to £250 marks vouchers i know what i would like to do with their prises!!!

  92. just recieved word from ross on wye that i have won prizes from £25,ooo ect. down to £250 marks vouchers if i send £14.99 by mastercard, postal order or cheque to them. I know what they can do with thier prizes!!!

  93. Guess what?, I’ve been getting these for over two years. Yesterday I had one from ‘Carol Brown, Distribution Manager’.
    Last week I had one from ‘Roger Davies, Awards Manager’. Bothe from Ross-on-Wye but different PO boxes. One gave me the option to write to them, so for the cost of two first class stamps, I did!! Surprise Surprise!!! I haven’t had a response!. I’ve kept the last lot of letters debating whether to take further action, the LEGAL SORT, but they are probably within the law.

    Jean Seaborne
  94. This is my 3rd letter now pdo unclaimed prizes bureau @ claims department you guessed it ross on wye po box 78 by rodger davies awards manager. please dont respond scam scam scam.

  95. Both my wife and i get these letters on a regular basic sometimes coming together, same codes, same format. I always send the letters back, Listing both to the PO Box and the address on the back of the Enevlope. Green Heys, Walford Road Ross on Wye. HR9 5DB. I am going to try writing cheque enclosed as well, lets cost them loads of money for a change.

    David Bishop
  96. After doing some further checking i found this address and phone number.
    Strike Lucky Games
    Greenheys, Walford Road, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire, HR9 5DB? – 01989 769 292?
    This is a private house running a con from home?

    David Bishop
  97. i must have had 10 these over last year n its doing my head in, this time i decided since ive managed to master the computer i would see if i could find anything out without bothering my son!and low n be hold all these people in same boat as me its a liberty they certainly arent stupid but i would like to get my hands on them anyway,just shows u how carefull u have to be doesnt it,this is 1 time im glad i listern to my sons n persevered wiv my computer!!!

    Jasmin Lancaster
  98. They now call themslves PDO guess from where surprise surprise ROSS-ON-WYE
    I have been getting these letters for years

    Madeline Fusco
  99. Perhaps we should all start posting these through our local trading standards letterbox. Maybe then they might do something. Does anyone know Dom Littlewood’s email? He does some good on his rogue traders and consumer problems programs. Anyone who has a vulnerable relative should contact him. Maybe through the BBC website. I am going to write GONE AWAY RETURN TO SENDER on the next envelope from them and put it back in the postbox.

    Jan Rickard
  100. I have received numerous Letters from this outfit, and replied the first time. After writing some weeks for a digital camera I made the mistake of phoning them again to ask what had happened, thereby incurring an additional £9.50. I was told that it had been dispatched, but in fact I had received nothing. I subsequently received a request for £6 postage and packing, which I decided not to pay. and did nothing more about it. Since then I have received further letters from UPR, from Community Awards and from Prizes Distribution Office, all with addresses in Ross-on-Wye. The latest one from UPR was received on the 29th April, and did not require a telephone call, but asked for £14.95. After seeing everyone else’s comments I will ignore all communications from them and perhaps get in touch with the BBC so tht Watchdog and Dom Littlewood can publicise the dangers of this bunch of conmen. My husband is an OAP and we really don’t need this sort of thing

    Lesley Reimann
  101. I have been receiving mail for years from a list of outfits in Ross-On-Wye and have
    not responder to them although I have been notified that I will lose my “PRIZE”.
    Hear are a few of the “COMPANY” names and PO.Box numbers all in Ross-On-Wye.
    Unclaimed Prizes Allocation & Distribution Office, PO Box 63 HR9 9WX
    PDO – Prizes Distribution Office, PO Box 78 HR9 9ZU
    County Awards Registry Bureau, PO Box 78 HR9 9ZU
    Unclaimed Prize Register, PO Box 106 HR9 9YY
    The C.A.R PO Box 63 HR9 9WX
    I hope this will help others to reframe from contacting these so called ‘PRIZE PROMOTION’

    Michael Elliott
  102. OMG I am soooo angry with myself and even angrier at these heartless ******!!! I’ve had so many “final remimders” from these people which I have been ignoring. Today they caught me a low low point swamped with bills (single parent on benefit) so like an idiot I spent £9 on text. Oh joy not only have I won the obligatory MP3 player I have also won a 2 week holiday in Egypt, B&B, 3* (or more). Great you may think until I read the teeny print. There’s no bloody flight included!!! Looked up “cheap flights” £300 on a good day!!! Aaaarrrgghhhh why did I weaken I hope they’re happy to have took £9 off me by playing to my dire situation, after all my youngest and me live on the vast sum of £140 a week. I’m e-mailing watchdog and Dom Littlewood I AM NOT LETTING THIS GO sorry didn’t speak to you guys first. Thanks for letting me get this off my chest.

  103. been recieving these letters only this year over the past few months renewed insurances online only couple of emails not a great pc user so where did they get my details from
    every week another letter so glad i decided to check with you i was tempted what a fool i would have been so everybody beware its a scam THEY ONLY WANT OUR MONEY THEY ARNT GOING TO GIVE YOU ANYTHING…..

  104. Like all of the people who have left comments on this site i have had numerous letters from UAACO (unclaimed awards administrations central office)national allocations and despatch administration uk & ci PO Box63 Ross on wye herefordshire HR9 9WX. Up until today i repeatedly ignored these letters and tore them up and threw them in the bin . However today i cant actually think as to why but i gave their claim line a ring i was told on the phone that my prizes were 509641 an MP3 player also 437558 a luxury all expenses paid 7 day holiday for 2 in egypt. Only after making the phone call did i think to check out their reputation online and i found this site now i will be charged for the call i stupidly made and i really wish that i had this idea first !!!!!!!

  105. hi keep getting winners letter from uaaco i just send the letters back to roger davies freepost po box 63 you know the rest everybody should do this regards

    william cashmore
  106. my dad who is an o.a.p. got this letter and was told he had won a holiday in egypt, on believing it he phoned them to ask if his daughter and son inlaw could go in his place. oh yes not a problem he was told, just pay £75 deposit each and can claim it back on arival. luckily im no fool. something should be done about these people.

    linda hill


  109. I have binned mine but still seem to be on their mailing list. I was glad to have it confirmed by so many people like your selves on this web site that the people in Ross on Wye are cheats. I find it hard to believe that they can go on as they do.

  110. No one gets anything for nothing, do not be taken in by this obvious set of repeat scammers. Send the paperwork back to them (without your name and address) in the resealed envelope provided. Mark envelope “Cheque inside” (or similar wording). DO NOT PAY POSTAGE on your letter.
    I would suggest paying a visit to the shysters next time you pass through Ross on Wye but we only have a post box address and GBH for such people is illegal !

    Percy Trotter
  111. Folks just received the latest desperate attempt from this ridiculous outfit asking me to phone for a claim number. Please Please don’t ring them. This is a con!

    J Sandiford
  112. I also was taken in with this scam, still receive letters monthly telling me what I could win, they go straight in the bin, so be warned. Do not understand how nowaday’s they get away with it.

    linda gavin
  113. Another reminder from The British Awards Council about my unclaimed reward. I cannot recall filling in anything to claim a reward, but my memory is not what it used to be. Thought I’d check it out and hey presto, this site. I find this shocking. Watch Dog please do something about it.

    Daphne Bloomfield
  114. hi. just wanted to say thanx coz i was tempted to ring the “british awards council” up. my lowest prize is £100 and tht wld be very handy. then i read what other ppl said & id probably get the swiss,austraian tour!!!!!!!!!!!! how do they get away wth naming themselves “the british awards council” must be a law agaisnt tht. gona e-mail watchdog……….. big thanx again

    heather fox
  115. I keep geting the same letter from national allocations office its time something was done about this scam it is fraud and theft, it is time someone put a stop to it, watchdog please do something about it.

  116. i also received a letter in the post saying i won a prize thought i would check on internet first due to the letter having no phone number which i thought was unusual thanks for the warning.

  117. I have just received the 30th. letter from Unclaimed Prizes Registry Office at Ross on Wye I have returned all of them to sender in the past in the same envalope with a message that I am not interested and please please take my name off their system. I am returning this one with a very abusive message and I have sent a copy to my local Office of Fair Trading. Has anyone managed to stop these letters. There is no doubt its a scam but there are many vulnerable people out there, they must be making a huge sum out of it.

    Jack Bradford
  118. I have recieved another letter from unclaimed prizes registry office I notified scam buster enquiries and reporting centre which is an arm of the office of fair trading. i recived a reply saying that not much could be done about the supect practices of this company

    Ian C Mitchell
  119. I am like so many others I am sick of getting these letters, and the one I got today are asking for £14.95 so I can clame my Prize and if I had not seen all the answers you got about them I would have sent off the money. Thanks for the warning, you saved me some money.

    Carrol Watson
  120. I have been receiving letter from the U.K. Allocations Office regularly for a few months. I always work on the fact that you don’t get something for nothing and I had not entered into any competition. I was not even tempted but it is annoying that these people can get away with it. Thanks
    for the web site.

  121. Now calling themselves UK Allocations Office. PO Box 78, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire HR9 9ZYU.
    They have a new Award Allocation Manager Adam Ford.

    BANDITS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    John Simpson
  122. Received one today from ‘UK Allocations Office’. PO Box 29, Ross-on-Wye. I refuse to ring 090 numbers, but decided it was worth the cost of a couple of stamps to see if I had won. I’m so glad I decided to do a quick search online before I sent the letter.

    Mags Morgan
  123. I copied this text from the offending web site

    Maybe if we inundated them with phone calls it might help?

    Q. I don’t wish to receive any further mailings from you. How can I have my address details removed?

    A. Either write to us at Dept. MPS, Green Heys, Walford Road, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire, HR9 5PQ or telephone our Customer Services helpline on 01989 769797. We will remove your name on the same day we receive the request. Please note because of processing time you may receive one further mailing from us after your request.

    Gwyn Roberts
  124. The postcode they use is linked to the PO Box that they rent – so the company may not even be located in Ross on Wye! It is possible to rent a PO box for any town and to have the mail delivered direct to you at your true location

    Gwyn Roberts
  125. i’ve have another letter stating i’ve to claim 2 prizes utter nonsense the letters have been coming for about 2 years they go straight thru the shredder a shower of rogues

    j gardner
  126. just got a letter from “Central Office of Prize allocations” address Ross-on Wye, so beware they appear to have changed their name again & address slightly this is PO Box 111, not as others have listed!!
    Thanks for the warning, thought i would just check it out…Glad i did!!

    Clare Hale
  127. Well done to everyone who had the sense to check this out before being taken in by the scam. Please tell all your family and friends about this so that they know what to do if they receive a letter.

    Sue Challinor
  128. me too been getting these letters for ages tryed few times to contact them all big con they need be named and shamed iv even posted things back they want shot doing this to all us .

  129. I had one of these awfull letters today. I was ‘caught out’ once before but never again. This is the first time I’ve looked them up on the internet. Even another site imediately gave it a bad name. I read throught quite a few of the above letters and totally agree with them. It costs about £9 or £10 to phone the 09061 number and all you get is worthless so called diamond pendant and or aworthless Luxury villa holiday. Don’t forget you have to pay for you own flights etc. just to also mention they cant even spell my name right they haave me as Mr Brombery. so as (HE) doesn’t excist. it doesn’t get a reply.

    David Brombley
  130. I have had five letters saying i have two rewards allocated to me from uk allocations office in ross on wye herefordshire it is a scam it costs £9 to phone the 09061 number whoever is doing this should be looked into would like to know how they found my name and address i think the the trading standards should be made aware of this it is definately a con.

    sue parker
  131. so excited, thought i had won a holiday for two. was going to give it away to someone. so glad i have read all of these comments from these good people. i only hope that trading standards or royal mail can put a stop to this terrible scam.

    karen chapman
  132. Had the letters as described. I ignored them as wouldn’t pay for an 09 call. Now had letter asking for cheque for £14.95 to despatch my marvellous prize. Why that amount to send a cheque for £25.000. Postage and envelope wouldn’t cost that much. I do hope people won’t line these peoples pockets. Is it time the law was involved

    M Chapman
  133. <having received a letter from THE WINNERS /responce team,allocating me a £25,000 prize ect,asks me to send £14.95 for postage @ insurance,also states,money back if not satisfied 100%,they ask for credit card details,and my sigature does this mean they could use my bank card details more than once,and is this a scam many thanks kevin

  134. I also received letter from Carol Brown the distribution manager asking to send £14.95 by cheque or postal order,they are now called The winners Response Team the address Ross-on-Rye post code HR9 9YY, to claim one of the prizes from £25,000 down to Marks & spencers vouchers also, glad i looked this site up as i was also tempted..How are they still getting away with it…Teresa

  135. I just fell victim to it. i called because the letter is so misleadng. Gosh how can they be allowed to fool people like this. Bumper should have checked online before calling and losing over £15

  136. Well it’s now June 2012 and I’ve received my final reminder from Cash Prize Confirmations Distribution Centre, Unclaimed Prizes Distribution, P.O. Box 78, Ross-On-Wye, HR9 9ZU. I’ve definitley won a prize, but it will cost me 1.53 per min max 6 mins or 10.80 by text! I give it a miss !!!!!

    jan monk
  137. Received a letter today 11 Sept 2013 .from the Prize Directory, yes Ross -On -Wye.
    This time they would like with my permission to notify my local newspaper that I have won a top prize of 20,000 pounds…but I can remain anonymous…
    I send these letters straight back by writing not known at this address.
    with no stamp. On it..I have never had the returned letter posted back to me so post office return them and hopefully charge them, but we will never find that out.
    So do as others say, bin it or return as I have suggested

  138. I have had 2 letters now from The Prize Directory saying that I have definitely won a prize and gave me my name and post code which is all correct – but the letter that I had before from (The Prize Directory) I did actually ring 09061 580125 which thanks to these stupid gits that sent the letter cost me £9.30 on my phone bill – wouldn’t be worth me knowing who it was because I would take them to either the small claims court Or to a proper court because these people get away with blue murder and its not on and besides loads and loads of people are falling for it and being out of pocket big time and its just not good enough – there should be a law to stop Idiots like this from Operating this sort of business Or scams – who ever does these scams should be heavily prosicuted and compensate the people who they have scamed and if there is a prize say for example £20,000 make them pay triple and make them pay £60,000 in compensation to those people who fell for it and rang or text the number

  139. I always send them back, with a message, saying ‘just send me my prize, that I have DEFINITELY won and take the £9.30 out of it, simple!’ Guess what? I get sod all…same as I would have got before, but it only cost me a stamp!! Xxx

  140. You don’t have to ring to claim your claim code to get a prize, if you read the small print you can claim by post this way it only costs a stamp and envelope. If you don’t win they send a voucher for a small treat like a photo session. They want you to ring so they can charge you ridiculous prices but that’s how they get their money to fund the prizes. You just need to becareful.

  141. We keep getting these letters PLEASE DO NOT RING if you receive one,we feel sorry for the elderly and confused, its about time the goverment took action on these Prize Directory companies.They should be fined a lot of money as this is a scam and the money given to deserving charities or the NHS to really help people.It would be very interesting to know how much money they earn from this.does the tax man know and do they pay their tax.

    peter&stephanie Baldry
  142. I get one every few months and have been doing so for the last two years. Never get anything for free in the mail now days so straight in the in rubbish where it belongs.

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  144. I received one of these letters this morning and immediately knew it was a scam because they have a PO Box inHerefordshire not an actual address listed under heading The Prize Directory. Also it has a £1.50 per minute phoneline with a 6 minute minimum call time.

  145. My husband received one of those prize directory letters today,it’s a po box,no return envelope also to claim his prize it would have cost him £9 or over depending on how long he’s on the phone for claiming a confirmation code,then to send the code to po box in Herefordshire,they said he had won as he apparently did an onlie survey,my husband doesn’t do online surveys.

  146. My daughter has just received one of these today from PFC (Pension Fund Release, Herefordshire (Ross on Wye), an 09061 number at 1.50 per minute, a PO Box number under the likely fictitious name of Andrea Starley . . . all pure SCAM – beware stiil, it’s the same people with a different company name . . saying she took part in a telephone survey – not so . .

    I suppose to Trading Standards, Watchdog etc they are small fry and just about fall in line legally so therefore make it difficult to prosecute . . the law needs changing to outlaw the likes Their intent is to make and take easy money and not deliver or if they do deliver it is cheap breakable goods worth a small fraction of whats paid out. Many receive nothing. Shred or throw the correspondence away and save yourself any ire or heartache.


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