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Hue Flowing (Steam Deck): COMPLETED!

This is a very simple platformer concept: explore, collect icons that allow you one additional air jump, then reach the area you can only get to once you’ve collected them all. But, it’s the way it is presented that is absolutely beautiful. The area you explore is blank, but as you move around you sort of slosh watercolour paint everywhere to colour it in. Like, if de Blob and The Unfinished Swan had a 2D platformer baby. You can wall …

How colour blind are you?

OK, so technically it isn’t measuring colour blindness, but rather your ability to sort colours by hue. This is a slightly interesting test, which isn’t completely scientific because it because it can’t take into account your monitor settings and capabilities, but is worth a go anyway. I scored 6, which is, apparently, somewhat excellent. Yay! Test your “Colour IQ” here.