Delivery from Deal Extreme

Delivery from Deal Extreme

Have you ever bought anything from Deal Extreme? They’re the internet’s premier provider of shoddy Chinese tat. And quality Chinese tat, of course. Sometimes there are things I need to buy, and they’re the only place I can find it cheap, but then I end up adding other useless junk to the shopping basket while I’m there.

A couple of weeks ago, my cheap-and-shoddy iPhone dock (bought from Deal Extreme) died, so I needed another. So back on the site I went to buy another cheap-and-shoddy iPhone dock. And some magnets. You gotta get magnets when you shop with Deal Extreme. Lots of little 5mm balls of incredible magnetty powar. You have to wonder how magnets work. They are ace. I got a pack of 100, to add to the 20 I already had.

I also bought the fabulously named Gyu. I didn’t know it was called Gyu, but I’d been referring to it as “a blob of cleaning goo” so being called “Gyu” was just amazing. I haven’t dared to open the packet yet, as I’m far too excited.

Most exciting is that it says “Germany Formula” on the front. Perhaps this means it can get four goals past the Argentinian defence? (<- World Cup Joke). The ingredients on the back are interesting too, essentially being a mixture of chewing gum and isopropyl alcohol. I suspect it’ll double as teeth whitener. NOTE: Do not use as teeth whitener.

Finally, the Main Event: the iPhone dock itself. It’s the same as my old one, only black, but the packaging is a work of art/genius/a four year old:

Genuine accessories for my iphone 3gs callalar phone. And can also be used as a Media Plager! Amazing scenes.

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