Why I’m buying a 3DS

Why I’m buying a 3DS

Since the release of the original Game Boy Advance, I’ve leapt on every Nintendo console on (or before!) launch.

Why should this change with the release of Nintendo’s new 3D fancy DS followup? Answer: it shouldn’t. And here’s 5 reasons why I’ll be getting one on release day:

5. The games.

If you believe, they will come. The same is always true of Nintendo consoles. New Super Mario Bros, Professor Layton, Ouendan, Hotel Dusk, Another Code, Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow. All excellent DS games, none of which were early titles.

4. The games. Really.

Lego Star Wars III and Super Street Fighter IV not enough at launch? Pff. Plenty more in the first three weeks. Plus whatever gets put on the 3DS eStore in the form of new games and Virtual Handheld games.

3. Nintendo, innit.

Therefore, ace. FACT.

2. It’s better.

Better specs. Better screen. 3D. Better online stuff. Better shop. Bigger better faster more. And still plays DS game.


Oh so very shiny. Lovely and shiny. New and shiny. SHINY.


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