I am the Face of Words With Friends

There’s a game for iOS (and Android) called Words With Friends. It is a clone of Scrabble. Except for legal reasons it isn’t. But anyway. It’s a tile based word game. Whatever.

Anyway. The other day, some random person started a game of it with me. This isn’t unusual, as there’s a random match-up facility. This person, however, asked me in the in-game chat if I was the same “deKay01” as was in The Telegraph the other day.

I was in The Telegraph?

Apparently so. I then assumed that what had happened was someone had used a screenshot of the game I’d taken and put on the internet (I’ve put a few on Twitpic or my gaming diary) and used it to accompany some story about Word With Friends or something. I searched with Google Images for “Words With Friends”, and was surprised to find the 6th image was this one:

Why this image appeared on Android Guys, I’m not sure. In fact, looking down the list on Google Images, it’s not the only place the image has been used. Hilariously, it’s also been bodged into this one:

which is on “Gizmoninja“. The image is everywhere – like here, here, and here.

All well and stolen, but there’s another place the image appears. Here. The original location. How do I know this? Because the guy who runs that site is the guy who lost in the game, and therefore must have been him (not me) who took the picture.

Well, I say “runs that site”, when actually it’s ran that site. Because he died last year and therefore lost the biggest game of all. I pointed this out to the person who started the game with me and brought all this to my attention – they’d tried to start a game with him too.

In a way, I’m sort of pleased that both me and he are doing the rounds as “example WWF players”, but I’m also annoyed that The Telegraph can just use a dead guy’s screenshot without any sort of permission. Oh well.

Also, it would appear I did beat ThatRevChap at Words With Friends at least once after all! Hurrah!

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