Oh Sega, you big tease

Oh Sega, you big tease

Why must you do this to me? Why, after all the terrible, terrible things I’ve seen and heard about Sonic Generations, why, after all the times you have burnt me in the past, WHY, oh WHY, must you then do this?

I mean, that looks AWESOME. Oh I hate you, Sega. So very very much. Because now I need to buy this game, and you KNOW I will, and then you’ll make me pay for trusting you again by putting Amy and Big and Cream and all the other rubbish characters in it and having 17 Tailses and making the game physically stab my eyes while I play.



  1. But it looks AWESOME. Didn’t you notice where I already said that? It’s the best, most Sonic looking Sonic game in YEARS.

    But it will be terrible and I will hate myself when I buy it.

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