“Zelda IV”

Funny story. About nine months ago, Ian Higton, one of Eurogamer’s video guys blocked me on Twitter because he posted a video that had the wrong aspect ratio and I tweeted #stopaspectratioabuse at him. Fair enough, but it’s a valid crusade. It’s also not like there’s anything else going on in the world that is a bigger cause to work with anyway. But then last week, Ian needed my help. But he’d blocked me! Oh noes! He was after scans …

I was famous again for five seconds

Well not exactly famous, but spot me, or rather a post I made on Miiverse, in this video made by Image & Form. Yes, them folks that did do make the SteamWorld games.

Next gen gaming is nearly here!

Well, it’s the next console I’ll be buying, anyway. I’ve literally zero interest in the PS4 and Xbox One. I’m slightly surprised at myself actually, as I secretly thought I might be by now. Anyway, the Retron 5 is coming Real Soon Now, with the current release date set as April. Sadly, there have already been a few delays (it was originally supposed to be last October), but lets hope it meets this one, yes?