Sight-seeing in No Man’s Sky

Sight-seeing in No Man’s Sky

That’s right, it’s yet another post about No Man’s Sky! I have been playing it rather a lot so of course I’m going to post about it a lot. That, and it is awesome.

Here are some great, and weird, things I’ve seen on my travels. Firstly, some gorgeous landscapes, where almost any screenshot is a work of beauty:

no man's sky
When the moon hits the sky…
no man's sky
A very welcoming entrance to Hell
This was a great planet. Quiet, nothing to kill me, purple trees
“Oh yes, we go to Aspen every year!”

Then there are some of the bizarre creatures I’ve stumbled across (and in some cases, spent hours searching for) on my journey through the stars:

This happy chap was my bestest friend forever.
Careful – you’ll have someone’s eye out.

*Insert Jurassic Park Theme Here*

As well as pictures, it’s worth seeing some of these amazing animals in motion. Especially the floaty reindeer thing.

And finally, these oddities. Space oddities, you could say. Can you hear me, Major Tom?

Just parking on a mushroom, BRB
Tower parking.
And some tower parking

Let me just end with this last video, where I land in a space station in a system seemingly populated by clones. Not just similar looking Gek, but actual exact replicas. Fhasands of them.


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