Let’s Play! Duck Duck on the Loose

Let’s Play! Duck Duck on the Loose

I’ve been really getting into programming for the not-real console PICO-8 this week, obviously working on Advanced Lawnmower Simul8or (do you see what I did there?), and while looking up other games for hints on stuff I came across this fantastic little game – Duck Duck on the Loose.

duck duck on the loose

Join Duck Duck as he looks for ducklings hidden across the really well realised 3D top-down map, quacking and leaving footprints as he goes. Have bizarre conversations with the characters he comes across, and try to guide all the missing babies home.

I haven’t a clue how I’d even start making a game like this, not least with the purposefully limited environment the PICO-8 provides, so I’ll have to make do with grass cutting for now.

You can play Duck Duck on the Loose in your browser here.


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