Exporting routes from Endomondo (and using them in Google Maps)

Exporting routes from Endomondo (and using them in Google Maps)

I love Endomondo, but one thing it doesn’t do is let you export routes you’ve created and use them in other applications and things like Google Earth and Google Maps.

Sure, you can export workouts as both tcx and gpx files, but that means you need to have actually cycled the route first before you can export it. In my route planning, I like to create the rough route in Endomondo, then stick that in Google Maps and look for nearby pubs and stuff, editing the original route if needed (you need pub stops, right?), and usually it’s when I haven’t cycled the route that I need to do this.

So I found a way of doing it. Basically, you draw the route, then manually create a workout – attaching the route in the process. You can then export this workout and stick it into Google Maps:

Of course, if you want to use Google Earth, just drag the gpx file into that without uploading it anywhere. You also might want to delete the workout you just created from Endomondo so it doesn’t screw up your stats!


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