Photos that Google thinks are cars

Photos that Google thinks are cars

Google Photos is a relatively new product from Google, at least in it’s no-longer-Google+ shackled form. It’s pretty good, in terms of some of the syncing and organising it does, and I’m a fan of how it makes animations from photos it thinks are quite similar – in particular, “burst mode” photos.

One of it’s “magic” features is how, when you search your photos, it automatically detects things in them and adds them to albums based on that content. Some are obvious, like locations, and some are a bit more clever, like Flowers or Playgrounds. There’s also one for “Legos” which, although it manages to correctly detect Lego models, uses the incorrect label “Legos”, which doesn’t exist as a word. The plural of Lego is Lego, of course.

However, the “Cars” grouping in my set of photos is… somewhat wrong. Sure, there are a handful of cars (and a few buses, tractors, a JCB and some toy cars – including Lego ones – all of which I’ll give a pass as they’re similar at least), but these? These are not even nearly cars.


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