Photos that Google thinks are cars

Google Photos is a relatively new product from Google, at least in it’s no-longer-Google+ shackled form. It’s pretty good, in terms of some of the syncing and organising it does, and I’m a fan of how it makes animations from photos it thinks are quite similar – in particular, “burst mode” photos. One of it’s “magic” features is how, when you search your photos, it automatically detects things in them and adds them to albums based on that content. Some …

New tiny Wii controllers, with sweets

No, not these ones here, which are about 2/3rds the size of a normal controller. These ones here, that I saw in Adsa this week – that are less than half the size: The best thing is that they’re a bit like a Pez dispenser – letting you fill them with sweets, so you can encourage kids to put their real Wii remotes in their mouths. Hurrah for Nintendo!

Stalking Jim

Fellow newsgroup person, ugvm magazine contributor and Citizen of Norwich A Fine City(TM) whom what I know through t’t’tinternet and a mutual friend (but separately until I realised it was the same person – the internet is the smallest place in the world) Jim Taylor is famous! Sort of! There’s a gallery in Castle Mall displaying photos of Norwich, taken by people who are on Flickr. And Jim is one of them. Today, I was in Castle Mall, so went …

Lazy kids these days

The other day, with all the snow, I walked across this field. There had been snow on the ground for a full 24 or more hours, and yet somehow none of the kids who live in the estate have bothered to even walk in the snow, let alone build a snowman. Tch.