Most predictable subject for this photo EVER! Just seen a dalek in Norwich city centre, scaring the kiddies and having trouble going backwards. It reminded me of those cheap crap remote control cars from the 80s that went forwards and turned in reverse. Amazing scenes.

Climbing for the lulz

I’ve just been to see Durdle Door, which it seems wasn’t the unicorn tourist attraction I thought it was going to be, instead it actually existed despite the silly name. After that, we walked seven thousand miles up a cliff to see this scene – Lulworth Cove. See? For the lulz. See? See?

That house wot was on Grand Designs – I sees it!

Yes, I’m in Bournemouth, and in this picture is the house (well, flat) that was on Grand Designs on Channel 4 last week. I suspect it was actually a repeat of the programme, but it was last week that I saw it. The actual flat is the bit at the very top – the dome and the floor directly underneath. It was very exciting seeing it. Then we went and ate pasta in a restaurant a few yards down the …