Why not play my Super Mario Maker levels?

Why not play my Super Mario Maker levels?

I got Super Mario Maker for Christmas and it’s lovely. And I’ve spent a fair while making some truly difficult levels (they’re much more fun to make than “normal” Mario levels).

First up, is Jump Exactly. As the name suggests, it’s all about pixel-perfect jumps.


Click the picture for a link to the official Super Mario Maker bookmarking site, by the way.

After that proved to be too easy for some people, I upped the ante with Fall Exactly 2 and 3:

jumpexactly2 jumpexactly3

Having taken jumping to the extreme, I thought I’d tackle falling instead. So here’s Fall Exactly:


Which appears to be much more difficult. It took me ages to complete it myself!

Finally, a much easier but somewhat different sort of thing: Round the Ragged Rock:


Let me know how you get on!


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