Improving Run Baby Run

Baby loves to run.

Run Baby Run

(This suggestion provided by @xexyzx)

Ways in which you would improve Run Baby Run.

Well, I’m no songwriter, but I’ll give it a go.

Firstly, it’s a very slow song. I think if it was sped up a little I’d like it more. I like it as it is, of course, but if it was a bit faster. And a bit more rock and a bit less folk too, I suppose. Perhaps I’d make the subject of the lyrics more obvious as well, while I’m at it. Supposedly it’s about her parents being 60s hippies and she’s not able to deal with modern life as a result, or something. It’s a bit vague. Make it less vague.

Musically, it needs more guitar solos. All music is better with epic guitar solos, especially if there’s a ten minute drum solo too. So add those. Put a guitar solo after the first chorus – with the last “baby run” kick it in with some metal and wah wah for a couple of minutes, then after the second verse “That’s sure she knows exactly how BANG to carry BANG on BANG BANG BANG DRUM SOLO”. Then a chorus, then another guitar solo that’s a key change higher than the previous one. That should do it.

Oh, and an airhorn at the end. Banging.

Unless xexyzx is talking about the Best Game Ever Made, which also happens to be called Run Baby Run. But why would that be the case? It is Mary Poppins, as it’s practically perfect in every way.

The only possible way to improve it would be to have new levels, but since there’s a level editor, that’s simple. Maybe the game could be remade for every platform ever so I don’t need to use emulators? I really can’t think of anything else, so I’m pretty sure xexyzx is talking about the Sheryl Crow song. Unless he means the book of the same name (I’ve never read it) or the film of the same name (I’ve never seen it), but I can’t comment on those.

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