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Run Baby Run Editor

If, like me, you’ve ever wished you could redesign the Run Baby Run levels, you’ll be over the moon to find this page. For here, is the one and only Run Baby Run Level Editor!

Not only does this fantastic program allow you to create all those alternative screen layouts you’ve been wishing you could create for the last 20 years or so, but you can also alter the “wall” graphic tiles and pick your own colour scheme for each screen. And you can rewrite the level name too!

Dunny, one of the SPIN Spectrum emulator authors wrote this editor in 2005. For me, pretty much. What a nice man he is. And now here it is for you to download for the princely sum of no pence.

Click here to download RBREdit.

Remember: If you create any levels with this program, let me know and I can put them on my site for others, if you wish. It’d be most lovely of you to link here and/or credit Dunny if you host the files yourself anywhere too.

Legal Disclaimer: Neither I nor Dunny should be held responsible if RBREdit formats your hard drive, makes your cat pregnant, or blows up any New York landmarks.


  1. This was actually one of my favourite Spectrum games. Despite its crudeness, I have a real fondness for it (almost on a ironic level).

    Whenever my mates and I get the old Spectrum out, Run Baby Run is usually one of the games we want to have a bash on. It’s kind of a rebellion against slick, modern manufactured games. Game presentation doesn’t get more “bog standard” than this. But as a game, it doesn’t half get your heart racing!

    Back in the 90s I was actually making my own sequel to this game on the PC (instead of cars it had little characters running around following each other). I spent months developing it… but then I got bored halfway through!

    Thanks Dunny for this excellent editor! And thanks DeKay for putting it up here, and these pages! I’d be lying if I said I “always wanted a Run Baby Run editor”, but it’s nice to know there is one just in case I ever get the urge. Might give it a spin sometime.

    Oh, and you know what? I’m actually from Huddersfield, and I can tell you it’s not really as glamorous as the game makes out.


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