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Run Baby Run Levels

The original set of five levels for Run Baby Run were fantastic. No, they were better than fantastic. But, after 20 years worth of play, they did become a little, er, familiar.

Thankfully, Dunny, one of the nice chaps that writes the Speccy emulator SPIN wrote a marvelous level editor. You can get that on the Level Editor page. Here, however, are a pile of new RBR levels I’ve created with the editor. Some of these level designs have been in my head for most of my life, waiting for an outlet. Some are concept levels, based around something. Others take areas of existing levels and mix them around. And some are just plain nuts.

You can even play these levels online, right here, right now – just skip to the bottom of the page!

Run Baby Run: Cold as Ice

A set of levels comparable to the original game in terms of complexity and difficulty.

Cold As Ice / Green Acres Cold As Ice / Ayecockalorum Cold As Ice / Smokin' Mojo Cold As Ice / Upside Your Head Cold As Ice / Cold As Ice

Claustrophobic Run Baby Run

Limited room to maneuver makes quick thinking and forward planning skills a must.

Run Baby Run: Arco del Oeste

Some unconventional layout ideas allow more freedom in your route planning.

Arco del Oeste / Ranger Arco del Oeste / The Picard Maneuver Arco del Oeste / Graveyard Shift Arco del Oeste / 403 Shunter Arco del Oeste / Round Are Way

Run Baby Run: Wise From Your Gwave

Lots of nice easy route areas without any fiddly bits.

Wise From Your Gwave / Running Out Of Elements Wise From Your Gwave / He's On Fire Wise From Your Gwave / Give Us Ten Pee Mate Wise From Your Gwave / Hnngh! Where is it? Wise From Your Gwave / S! P! Q! R!

Play these levels now!

[includeme file=qaop/runbabylevels.txt]

The emulator used is Qaop.

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