24 Hours With Miitomo (Part 1)

24 Hours With Miitomo (Part 1)

Earlier this week, Nintendo unleashed the best worst best thing ever – their own social networking app for mobile phones. Well, modern mobile phones anyway: Windows Mobile, Blackberry and Symbian users have all been left out in the cold. Again. This new app/network/battery draining program is called Miitomo, and here’s (Part 1 of) what happened in the first 24 hours or so of using it.

Setting up Miitomo

On launching the app, you need to fill in the usual account stuff. Loading screens (which are pretty short) provide you with some handy tips while you wait.

“Popular” is the magic word in Miitomo.

miitomo-02miitomo-03 miitomo-04 miitomo-05


You can (and should) link your Miitomo account to your Nintendo Account, especially if you want to obtain bonus coins for My Nintendo, or want to use your Mii from your Wii U or 3DS. You’ll need to make your Mii “copyable” in the Mii settings on your console first though – it won’t let you import it otherwise!

If you don’t have a Mii, you can create one from scratch with the Mii creator, or it can try to create one from a photo of your face with possibly hilarious results. You then choose your voice, intonation and various character traits – if you’ve ever played Tomodachi Life, you’ll be in familiar territory here. I imported mine:

I'm so twee.
I’m so twee.

The Beginning

Next follows an assault by Nintendo. So much information, so many gifts, messages and tips thrust at you one after another in rapid fire while you try get to grips with what is going on, some of which is explained to you by your Mii as he/she[ref]foreshadowing events klaxon[/ref] adjusts to their new environment.

Then I was ready! With my account, Mii and preferences in place, it was time to round up some “friends” and get into what Miitomo is all about. What is it all about? Questions, it seems. Lots of questions. Find out more in Part 2!

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