Alphabest: Mega Drive – Q

Alphabest: Mega Drive – Q

The cup of Q is very much flowing over with Mega Drive games! No, wait. It isn’t. It really isn’t.


That’s right, boys and girls: the letter Q is somewhat lacking when it comes to Mega Drive games or even just games in general. You can actually go as far as saying words in general. Indeed – there are fewer Mega Drive games beginning with Q than any other letter. How few?

Just two. Two.

As there are only two of them, they’re both automatically shortlisted regardless of how good – or not – they are. At least that made this bit easy, I suppose.

QuackshotQuackshot is a Metroidvania 16bit Disney platformer. Yay to the Metroidvania bit! Boo hiss to the 16bit Disney platformer bit. You’ve read my posts on this blog enough now to realise I don’t rate any 16bit platformers, and although this is better than most by being a little different if nothing else, it’s still crap. Many people with disagree. They are wrong.

Quad ChallengeQuad Challenge is one of the most dull racing games I’ve ever played. Imagine Enduro Racer, only take out all the fun and add extra wheels. Then slow it down. And have just one opponent. And make it brown. Trust me, I’m making it sound even better than it really is.

And the Alphabest?

Surprise! Neither of them!

Which is very tempting, but even with that being the case one of them must be better than the other, right? And if somehow they’re as bad as each other, it’s a tie for “best”? Sigh.

OK, with much thought and careful consideration, the better of these awful piles of crap is Quackshot. Loathe as I am to recommend it, and this absolutely should not be seen as a recommendation in any way, it is more bearable than Quad Challenge. That, and it at least looks quite good. Honestly though, give Q a miss completely eh?

Next time! Set your faces to excite mode! Because R!

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