Alphabest: Mega Drive – #

Alphabest: Mega Drive – #

That’s right – not all Mega Drive games are alphabetical. Some, are numerical! Here’s a sort of bonus extra for the Alphabest Mega Drive series celebrating all those games that start with a digit.


But only two do, so they’re both going on the shortlist immediately. No point narrowing them down!

3 ninjas kick back3 Ninjas Kick Back is a terrible platform fighting game based on the film of the same name. Well, I say based on – like many film licences of the time it’s barely recognisable as even related. It looks quite pretty, but that’s that’s about all it has going for it. It’s certainly no Revenge of Shinobi.

688 attack sub688 Attack Sub is a submarine simulator, and something of a unique experience on the Mega Drive. You are given orders, have to keep an eye on the status of your sub, respond to attacks, and take down enemy ships. It’s more of a management game than a submarine driving one, but is fun for a while at least – it’s main problem being that it is incredibly short.

And the Alphabest?

Well, there’s no way that Ninjas game is going to win, so by default, 688 Attack Sub will have to do. That’s OK though, as it isn’t a bad game – it’s just too short and will probably appeal to a very small number of people.

That really is it for the Mega Drive, aside from a likely roundup post collecting everything together. Join Future Me at some point in, er, the future for a new Alphabest series covering a different games machine!

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