Game Dev Diary: Cats. And Sometimes, Dogs v0.10

Game Dev Diary: Cats. And Sometimes, Dogs v0.10

I’m taking part in my FIRST EVER GAME JAM! Oh my. Wait, actually, no, I’m not. The comp.sys.sinclair Crap Games Competitions count as game jams, don’t they? Maybe.

OK, my first one where the aim of the game isn’t to make a crap game. That doesn’t mean that any games I make will be something other than crap, because that’s not possible, but at least I can try to write something a bit more fun.

Or can I?

Anyway, this jam is My First Game Jam: Winter 2017 on The theme is “Cats and/or dogs”, although it is optional. I will, of course, be developing something, in PICO-8, that includes cats. And sometimes dogs.

I’ve no name for it yet, but 15 minutes has got me to here:

cats and sometimes dogs

That’s right! Cats. And sometimes, dogs!

(Note: No, that freeroam game hasn’t been binned – I’m still poking at that).

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