Play Want Bin Expense: 2017-10-09

Play Want Bin Expense: 2017-10-09

There are too many games. Too many. And I only have two of them.


Golf Story (Switch)
The silliness is so good. The golfing is surprisingly great. It’s funny and nonsensical and I’m really enjoying it. Sure, there are seemingly a lot of fetch quests and “find all the things” quests, but that doesn’t matter. It’s great. However, it’s suddenly started playing second fiddle to…

Stardew Valley (Switch)
What is there to say about this? It’s Harvest Moon, only sort of not. It’s got digging and making things and in some ways it feels a bit like Minecraft, but it’s definitely Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing or Miitomo. There’s something addictive about planting seeds and watering them every day. Or wandering the entire map looking for stuff lying on the ground. Or fishing. All menial tasks and all not fun at all on the face of it. And yet, I’ve put 12 hours into it already and it only came out on Thursday.

Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens (PS4)
Only a bit on this. We’ve finished the story of course, and have now done what I think is all of the extra levels. It’s just a case of returned to Free Play them all for red bricks and minikits. Only there’s a problem – unlike all the other Lego games, you can’t see which levels you’re still missing collectables on. This means that, unless you’re making notes, you have to load each level, check the pause screen, then quit if it’s already done. Really, really annoying.


Fire Emblem Warriors (Switch)
Next week! I might leave it a while though, as I’ve so many other games on the go.

Super Mario Odyssey (Switch)
I have pre-ordered this, but the place I’ve ordered it from is going to deliver it to the wrong address even though I chose my house at every stage in the process and asked them to change it afterwards. So I doubt it’ll arrive on the day. Boo.

Lego Ninjago The Movie The Videogame (PS4)
Going to see the film this weekend, I think. Might be hard not to buy this sooner rather than later.


The map screen on Lego Star Wars TFA not showing red bricks/minikits collected.


?Bye-Bye Boxboy! (3DS) – £2.69
Stardew Valley (Switch) – £8.79

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