We did another podcast

We did another podcast

A while back, I posted that I’d been part of a podcast pilot for the ugvm newsgroup. Reception to it was actually quite positive, and so we did another one. And this week, we did another one.

That’s two proper episodes and one pilot now. Already about six more episodes than I expected it to run for.

Anyway, yeah, this is a plug for that. You can find them all over on the ugvm site, or just search for “ugvm” on your podcast service of choice.

The format is the ugvm standard “Play, Want, Bin” structure, with a bit of chat and some news and stuff. Look, it’ll pass the time while you’re on the bus to work or blot out your family for a bit, so it has a use, yeah? And unlike a lot of other games podcasts it’s very low on the swears so it has that going for it too.

I’m not selling it very well. I’m sorry.

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